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Teacher Need Analysis Survey - Mobile App - Guidelines

 Teacher Need Analysis Survey  

School  Education,  AP  -  World   Bank   supported SALT  project  - continuous teacher  professional development program for all the government  school  teachers  -  blended  learning  courses   for teachers     of  Grade   3   to   10   across  all  districts  in   Andhra Pradesh-Orders – Issued

 All   the   Regional   Joint   Directors  of   School   Education,   District Educational  Ocers  in  the  state  are  informed  that  it  is  decided  to implement the  Teacher Professional Development  courses (TPD)  in  all Government schools of Andhra Pradesh from  the Academic Year 2023-24 onwards. These courses are  rolled  out  by  SCERT as part  of the  AP SALT Program aiming to  improve learning outcomes and  quality  of  teaching practices in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

 These courses will be rolled out for capacity building and support to teachers of Grade  3 to 10.  These courses are  based on  teachers’  needs identified  through the Teachers’  Training Need  Survey and  will be rolled out  in succession.  All the  courses follow  a blended learning model.  The online  part  consists of consuming training  videos,  reading material,  and quizzes as course content  along  with a pre-test and post-test.

 Online  course content  for these courses will be rolled out on a new teacher  training  platform  called ‘FIRKI’. This will be complemented with an  oine  engagement by  means of Peer  Learning Circles (PLCs) during school-complex meetings. Teachers enrolled  in  the  course will have  to attend   PLC   after   completion  of  the   module  in   a   given   time.   This information will be  passed out  to teachers through an  orientation video which  will be  circulated by  SCERT to orient  all the  teachers on  the  new need-based training  courses initiative.

 Keeping in view  of the  above SCERT is launching  the  first course,‘Developing English Pedagogy’ on 31  August 2023.  This course is meant for teachers teaching English,  Science,  Social Science,  and  Mathematics for grades 6 to 10. This course comprises 3 modules in total and  one new module will be released every  month.  Further,  under  each  module,  there are  4-7  learning videos with  a duration of approximately 10-15 minutes each.

 All  District  Education  Department  and   Samgra  Shiksha  Ocials  are requested to duly arrange the following  arrangements

 All the teachers must download the Firki App. With the help of the login credentials (username and password) that will be provided by the state, teachers should register on the FIRKI platform. The FIRKI app can be downloaded on the mobile  from the AppStore. Alternatively, it can be accessed through any web browser on-

 Disseminate the logins to teachers immediately after the districts receive  them.

 All teachers in grades 6 to 10 teaching English, Maths, Science, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Studies will be enrolled  by SALT technical  support agency Leadership For Equity  (LFE) on behalf of SCERT on Firki platform  in the first course - “Developing English Pedagogy”

 All teachers must attempt  the pre-test which will be found  on the same platform  before accessing the course content  under  Module 1.

 After teachers go through the module in the given  timeline, they will be required to discuss the concepts of the course and provide feedback on the course during the PLC in school complex meetings.

Over  a span of next three months, the course will unfold in a structured manner. Each  month,  one module will be released to teachers.

 All teachers who are provided with logins must complete the course by 30th  November 2023.

 Course is considered complete only if the teacher  completes all the components in the course and attends all the PLCs.

 Teachers will be provided with a course completion certificate at the end of the course based on their participation and performance in the course.

 In this regard,  the  Regional  Joint  Directors of School  Education,  all the  District Educational Ocers in the  state are  instructed to issue the necessary   orders  to   all   the   Deputy   Educational   Ocers,   Mandal Educational Ocers, Headmasters and all Coordinators to ensure the seamless execution of this TPD course

Hence,  the following  actions are to be taken without exception:


1.  Distribution of Survey Link: Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Mandal Education Officers are responsible for ensuring that all teachers within their jurisdiction receive  the designated survey link.

2.  Comprehensive Survey Completion: Survey link is rolled out via Chatbot and it has three forms embedded in it. Every teacher must register on chatbot  using their phone number and must complete all three forms within the provided link. Post registration, a video  is available on the chatbot  with instructions on how to fill the form.

3.  Submission Deadline: The survey must be completed and submitted by all teachers no later than September 6th, 2023.

Failur to  comply  with  this  directiv will  hinde the  creatio of tailored  blended courses for the  academic year  2023-24,  compromising the quality  of education provided.


In this regard,  the  Regional  Joint  Directors of School  Education,  all thDistrict Educational Ocers in thstate are  instructed to issue the necessar orders  t all   th Deput Educational   Ocers Mandal Educational Ocers, Headmasters and all Coordinators to ensure the seamless execution othis survey. Your  proactive involvement is non- negotiable and pivotal to achieving 100% submission rates in the Survey.


All the Additional Project Coordinators, Samgra Shiksha in the state are  instructed  to  take  necessaractio in  this  regard  an send  the compliance repot to the under  signed.


For  any  queries,  please  reach  out  to  Smt.  B.  Lasya,  LFE  on  Cell


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