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compassionate employment to the eligible dependents of deceased Government employees who succumbed to Covid-19

 Special dispensation for providing compassionate employment to the eligible dependents of deceased Government employees  who succumbed to Covid-19 

GAD — Special dispensation  for providing  compassionate  employment  to the   eligible    dependents    of   deceased    Government    employees    who succumbed   to   Covid-19   while   in   harness,   in   the   Village   and   ward Secretariats— Orders

 In   the   G.O.   first   read   above   permanent   relief   to   the   deserving bereaved  members  of  the  family  of  the  deceased  Government  servant has been provided  by appointing  the spouse  of  a deceased Government or the dependent children of the deceased  Government servant who died in    harness,    as    a    social    security    measure    without    reference    to Employment Exchange. Such appointments should be to the categories of posts  whose  pay  is   equal  to  or  less  than  that  of  L.D.C.,  subject  to fulfilling certain  conditions  mentioned  therein.  In the memo  second  read above,  certain  clarifications  were  issued  regarding  the  eligibility  of  the candidates who apply for appointment under this Social Security Scheme. In the Memo third read above, it has been made clear that  request  for compassionate    appointments    in   cases   which   violate    the   conditions stipulated  in  the  scheme  should  not  be  entertained,  as  indiscriminate compassionate  appointments  in  the  cases  of  the   dependants   of  the deceased  Government  servants  who  die  in  harness  will  deprive  other equally deserving poor families in securing jobs. In the Memo fourth read above,   instructions   were   issued   to   consider   the   dependents   of   the deceased Government Servants for appointment in the office in which the deceased  was  working  or  in  any  other  office  under  the  administrative control of that Department, if there is no vacancy in the former.

 2.     In the reference  5th  read above, instructions  were issued to  provide compassionate   appointment   to  the   kith   and   kin  of  those   who  have succumbed  to  COVID-  19  in  the  first  instance  and  to   complete   the exercise before 30-11-2021.

 3.          Further,  in the G.O.  7th  read  above,  orders  were  issued  that  the eligible   dependents   of   Government   employees   who   were   front   line workers  and  who  expired  due  to  Covid-19  while  in  harness,  shall  be provided compassionate   appointment   in   the  available vacancies in the Village and Ward Secretariats, subject to  fulfilling the other conditions of compassionate  appointment.

 4.    In   the   reference   8th    read   above,   JAC   of   employees,   Teachers, Workers and Retired Employees Associations, A.P has stated  that several Government  employees  including  the  front  line  warriors  expired  during the  1st    and  2nd    wave  of  Covid-19   across  the  State   but  due  to  non

availability   of  roster  points/vacancies,   several   applications   were   kept pending     by     the     Collectors.     The     Association     has     requested the Government to issue necessary instructions to the  Collectors/concerned Officers  to  provide  compassionate  appointment  to  the  eligible  kith  and kin of the deceased Government  employee  who succumbed  to Covid -19 immediately.   If sufficient vacancies /  roster points are available, then to create   equal   number   of    supernumerary    posts   (more   than   5   also in each district  duly  relaxing  relevant  government  orders  as a one time measure   and  also  to  conduct   one  special  drive   to  clear  all   pending applications for appointment on compassionate  grounds.

 5.     Government    have   obtained    the   following    information    regarding number of employees died due to Covid -19, number of requests received, number  of  compassionate  appointments  provided,   number   of  pending cases and also ineligible cases 6.       In    this    regard     Government     consider     that,    various     flagship programmes  are  being  implemented  in  the  State  and  observed  that  a large number of vacancies are available in Village and  Ward Secretariats. Further vacancies of VROs, Panchayath Secretaries, Welfare Assistants are also  existing.  In  order  to  effective  implementation  of  the  programmes, there is a need to fill up the vacancies in various categories of Posts in the Village   and   Ward    Secretariats.    It   is   observed    that,   some    of   the dependents   of   the   deceased   are   possessing   qualifications   of   General Degree and  professional qualifications like B. Tech, Nursing etc., and they can be accommodated  in the suitable posts with those qualifications.

 7.         Government,   therefore   consider   that   a   special   drive   shall   be undertaken    in   the   State   to   clear   all   the   pending    applications    for compassionate  appointments  to  the  eligible  dependents  of  Government employees  who  succumbed  to  Covid-19  and consider them to appoint in the vacancies of Village and Ward Secretariats as a one time measure.


 8.        Government  after careful examination  of the matter hereby direct  all the  Special  Chief  Secretaries,  Principal  Secretaries,  Secretaries,  Ex-Officio Secretaries, HoDs and the District Collectors/Competent  Authorities that all the   compassionate    applications    pending    as   on    date   of   the   eligible dependents  of deceased  Government  employees  who succumbed  to Covid-19  while  in  harness  shall  be  processed  and  issue  appointment  orders  on compassionate   grounds  and  post  them  as  per  their  qualification   



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