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Minutes of the meeting held by the Group of Ministers on Service Associations demands/issues

 Minutes of the  meeting held  by the  Group  of  Ministers   on  Service Associations demands/issues

Minutes   of  the  meeting held  by the  Group  of  Ministers   on  Service Associations demands/issues at 3.00 PM on 07.03.2023 in the Conference Hall, 1s Floor, 2nd Block, A.P. Secretariat, Velagapudi.


A meeting  was held by the Group  of Ministers with  the Employees Service Associations on 07.03.2023. The attendance of the meeting is annexed to the minutes.


2.    At the outset  of the meeting, the Principal Secretary  to Govt, Finance (HR)  welcomed  the  Hon'ble  Ministers,   Advisors  to  the  Government, Chief Secretary  to the Govt, Officials of the Government, and the Representatives of the Government Employees Service Associations.


3.       Statements  showing  the   issues   and   demands  resolved  by   the Government, and  issues  and  demands which  are pending were  given  to the  Representatives of the Service  Associations. The Chief Secretary  has informed that  out  of 420 issues/  demands, 95 have  been  resolved and there    are   duplication   of   issues    and    demands   raised    by   various Associations.  Orders   have  been  issued   by  the  departments  resolving certain  issues as indicted in the statement and requested the Associations to bring  out the discrepancies if any to the notice  of the Government and necessary  clarifications  would   be  issued,   if  required.  In  respect   of unresolved issues,  the  C.S.  has informed that  instructions will be issued to all the Departments to take immediate action  for resolving the issues. A large number of issues are pending at School Education Department for which  the  Hon'ble Minister  of Education informed that  he  will  review with  that Department and resolve  the issues  amicably The Principal Secretary  to Government (HR), Finance  Department has  informed that  major  issues  of finance  have  been  resolved and  very few issues are pending and they are looking into the same to resolve early. About  140 demands pertain to Finance  Department. However, the issues are  also  involved with  other  Departments.  The  administrative Departments are advised to refer the files to the Finance  Department and the Finance  will go through and  give concurrence.

 5.     The Chief Secretary  has asked  the representatives of the Associations to speak.

 6.        Sri B.Srinivasa Rao, President, APNGO' s Association has stated  that the Demands are old one and  earlier  they have  submitted 71 demands to the Government and no new  demands are being  submitted now. He has requested the  Government to  resolve  the  following issues  & demands immediately.

 1.  Clearance   of  all  the  GPF  bills  of  employees  and  release   of arrears of DA.

 2.   Employees are  suffering due  to  non  receipt   of amounts of Medical  Reimbursement. Earlier, the funds  of EHS were  kept  at Aarogyasri Trust  and bills are being  paid  to the Hospitals.  Now, the fund  due to contribution of employees is with  Finance Department  and,   therefore,  the   funds   are   not   released    and requested to streamline the  EHS Scheme. The hospitals are  not giving  medical  treatment to the employees under EHS.

3.   In  the  Districts   due   to  non  allotment  of  funds   there   is  a shortage  of  stationary  and   become   difficult   to  maintain  the offices.

4.   Salaries are not being paid to Laskars in Irrigation Department


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