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Conducting - One Day - AP EMDP EXPO-2023 Programme at State Level

 SCERT,   AP    -Conducting    -   One   Day   -   AP    EMDP    EXPO-2023 Programme  at  State  Level  -  Selection  of  Projects 

 All the Regional  Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational  Officers,  District Science  Officers,  District  Common   Examination Board  Secretaries,  and  DIET  Principals  in  the State  are  informed  that as  per the  reference  cited  above,   it  is  decided  to  conduct AP  EMDP  EXPO  2023   as part  of  an  initiative  of  the  Samagra  Shiksha,   SCERT,  AP,  and   Consortium launched  in  2021,   to showcase  the student's  learning talents from the  EMDP Program   through  their  projects.  Through  these   projects,   students  try  to identify  the problems in  and around  their community  and  try to  develop   their own   solutions.   And   to  get  aware   of  21st-century  skills   like   grit,   critical thinking, and problem-solving would  be nurtured and at the same time communication  & collaboration  skills  also  be enhanced.

It is  informed  that 9,030   teachers from  4776   schools  were trained and   those  teachers   implemented   this   program   for   2,93,161   students.   50

Mandals   were  kept  on  hold   from  this   program   as  a   control   group  for  the comparative  study  by  the External  Research  Consortium.

Keeping   in  view   of the  above,   it  is  decided   to  conduct  State  Level AP   EMDP   EXPO  2023   on   24th   March  2023  at  the  venue   in  Vijayawada whose  details would   be  shared  soon.  In order  to reach  the state  level,  these projects  would   be filtered  at  the  school  & district  levels.

  School  Level:   Projects  done   by  9th   Grade  students  in  the  EMDP will be presented at the school and one project from each school will be recommended  by the teacher/principal  for  district-level  presentation  with  the help     of    a       Rubric     attached     in     Annexure     1        for     your      reference. Teachers/Principals  are  suggested   to  submit  the  selected   project  details 

 District   Level:   4776  projects  received  from  4776  schools  in  615

 District Mandals  would  be screened  by the AP  EMDP  Team  and  the top  10  projects would  be  recommended  for  the  Committee's  perusal.  This  Committee  may consist of the DSO,  DCEB, DIET Principal, DYEO, and  District Manager  of AP EMDP  chaired  by  DEO.  The  Committee  is suggested  to take  a  presentation from   those   10  projects  at  a   common   venue  like  District  Science  Centre  / DEO Office  / any  convenient  place  between  13th  -   18th  March  2023. Further,  select the top  2  projects  based  on the  Rubric for  representing  the District at  State  Level  AP  EMDP  EXPO 2023.

 State   Level:   TWO   Projects   from   each   district   (a   total   of   52  Projects)  will  present  their projects  at  AP  EMDP  EXPO  2023  on  24th  March

 2023 at  the given  venue.  3  children & 1   Guide teacher  for  each  project  may be allowed  to participate  in the EXPO  (156  Students  + 52 Teachers)

 Therefore all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors  of School  Education  and District  Education   Officers  in   the  State  are   requested  to  constitute  the Committee   as   suggested   above,   gather  the   10   projects   and   take  the presentation.  Further, select the top  2  projects based on the Rubric and send them for  representing  the  Districts  in State  Level  EMDP EXPO-2023.

At State  Level  EXPO,  TA & DA will  be provided  for  the teachers.  Only TA will be provided for  Students.

For  District  Level   Presentations,  the  expenditure  may  be  meet  from   APC  /DEO.

 They   are   also  requested   to  make   necessary   arrangements   for  the project  presentations  at  District  Level.  For  any  queries  in this regard,  please contact    Dr.  T.  Padmavathi,  Faculty,  SCERT - 9848390577



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