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Facial Recognition Based Attendance System -to all the employees of all levels, across the State

 Facial Recognition Based Attendance System -to all the employees 

Attendanc b Photograph (Facia Recognitio Based Attendanc System) Implementatio of   Attendanc b Photography (FRBAS) to  all  the  employees   of all  levels,  across  th State  -  Orders  - Issued.

Government  in  the  G.O.  1s    read  above,  introduced  the  e-office system and  Biometric Attendance  in Secretariat,  Heads  of Departments/ Autonomous  Organisations and all the  District offices  in the State  in order to provide transparent,  efficient and time bound services to the public.


 2.       Government    in  the  G.O.2n     read  above have   introduced  the Attendance by Photography (Facial Recognition Based Attendance) to the Secretaries  to  Government  oall  the  Departments  of  Secretariat. The ITE&C Department  was requested to develonecessary application (Appbased) and bring  the entire  process operational.


 3.       Subsequently, Government in the G.O.3    read abovehave issued orders extending  the Attendance by Photography (Facial Recognition based attendance)  to all the  Heads of Departments  also.  The ITE&C Department was requested to develop  a  mobilbased application through APCFSS for capturin facia base attendanc and   t brin th entir process operational. Accordingly, all the Secretaries to Govt., and Heads of Department hav enrolle an marking   their  attendanc regularly. Further, some departments have starteimplementing  it from  Secretary leve to  Villag leve functionary Now Government    have    decided to  implement i in all departments and across at all levels.


 4.      Accordingly Government hereby order to implement  the Attendance by Photography  (Facial Recognition  Based Attendance  System to all the employees  of  all the categories  o Government  offices  across the  State, i.e., State  Secretariat,  Heads of Departments,  Autonomous  Organizations, Collectorates,  all  Regional,  Divisional  an District  offices,  Local Bodies, Mandal Villag leve offices Village  and  War Secretariats,    including th persons working on Contract and Out-sourcin basis, for the purpose

of  attendance   an leav management  (i.e. CL Spl.C.L OH).  The Attendance   b Photograph (Facia Recognitio Base Attendance System) shall be implemented  to the employees working in the offices of Secretariat Departments, Heads of Departments and District Offices  w.e.f.

01-01-2023 and  i respect  of  employees  of  all  other  office w.e.f.



5.        ThITE&C  Departmen is  directed  t take  immediate  action  to develop and expand necessary Mobile Application through Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial  Systems and Services (APCFSS) for all the employees of  above said Office for capturing  Facial  Recognition  Based Attendance, in consultation  with  the Departments concerned.


6.       Government hereby designate the ITE&C Department as Nodal Department for  implementatioof Facial  Recognition  Based Attendance, development of required  software,  attendinthe technical  and software relate issues   of  th Departments  and  to  brin the  entire   process operational by 01-01-2023 for Secretariat Departments, Heads of Departments  and District  Offices  and by 16.01.2023  for all other  Offices. The General Administration (PU) Department is the  Monitoring Department for implementation  of Attendance  by Photography.


7.        The ITE&C Department,  th MD  & CEO, APCFSS,  the  Departments of Secretariat, all Heads of Departments, Collectorates, and the Offices as mentioned  at  para  ( 4)  above shall take immediate action  accordingly



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