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Temporary Provisional Allocation of the posts of Samagra Shiksha at District Project Offices

 SSA- Temporary Allocation of Posts

Samagra    Shiksha,    Andhra   Pradesh,   Amaravati      Temporary Provisional  Allocation of the  posts of Samagra Shiksha at District Project Offices 

O R D E R:

 The  attention of the  District Educational  Ofcer  & Ex-Ofcio  Project Coordinators,  Samagra  Shiksha and the   Additional  Project Coordinator, Samagra Shiksha Ananthapuramu & Satya Sai  district is invited to the references read above and informed that the  Government have issued the preliminary Gazette Notifcations duly notifying the  proposed restructured districts and revenue divisions. Further, the  Government decided that, the Government Ofces in the  restructured districts/divisions start functioning from the appointed day.

 The   Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  have issued the   procedural guidelines for provisional allocation of posts & personnel vide reference 1st read above. Accordingly, the  Government of Andhra Pradesh have issued the  fnal notifcation for restructuring  of Districts/Divisions in  the  State of Andhra Pradesh vide reference 2nd cited.

 The posts under the  control of Additional Project Co-ordinator Ananthapuramu are of diferent cadres and for diferent purposes. Based on the  Mandal criteria (ratio) the  posts were  distributed among Ananthapuramu & Sri Satya Sai  districts.

 Keeping in  view the  importance of the  work  in  newly formed district it is ordered that the  posts specifed in the  Annexure–I & Annexure-II (in respect of Ananthapuramu & Sri Satya Sai  districts) to this order shall, and from the

18th day  of September, 2022, serve provisionally in connection with  the afairs of the  district as shown therein, until further orders. The  allocation of posts is done on  administrative grounds, purely on  work  arrangement basis to  ensure smooth implementation and monitoring of all academic and non academic activities.

 The  allocation of staf among the  districts shall be  strictly based on the following conditions.

 1. The willingness/options from the  all personnel working in the  O/o the Additional  Project  Coordinator on  deputation/contract/Outsourcing shall be obtained to work in the district allotted.

2. After obtaining   the   options  allocate  the   personal  between  the districts based on  provisional allocation of posts duly considering their  options. In case of discrepancy in distribution of staf based on options, then adopt the   principle  of reverse  seniority  for smooth functioning and administration.

3. Allocation of personnel for all cadres shall be  done in  a transparent manner without giving scope for complaints/allegations.

4. The   deputation  staf  can  opt   for  repatriation   to   their    parent department in case they are unwilling to join  as per  the  allocation of posts or to join the post as per allocation.

5. The  vacancies caused due  to  repatriation of working staf to  their parent  department/  school shall  be   flled  immediately  with   the approval of the  District Collectors as  per  the  procedure laid under rules.

 The  District Educational Ofcer & Ex-ofcio District Project Coordinator and the  Additional Project Director  Ananthapuramu district shall immediately  initiate action for segregation/reallocation of posts/staf with the   approval  of  the   District  Collector  &   Chairman,  Samagra  Shiksha enabling  them to  report   before the   Additional  Project  Coordinators,  to which their  services are provisionally allotted.

 This has  the  approval of the  State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.



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