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APOSS–Accreditation of Govt.ZP/Aided/Mpl and Private institutions for the academic year 2022-23

 APOSS, Amaravati, Guntur –Accreditation of Govt.ZP/Aided/Mpl and Private nstitutions for the academic  year 2022-23

 All  the District Educational  Officers  are  aware  that the  admission  schedule,  for admission  into SSC  &  Intermediate courses, for the academic year 2022-23, under ‘Open and Distance Learning’   (ODL)    mode,  in  the  A.P    Open   School Society,  is commenced  from  01.09.2022.   In  this  regard,   guidelines  for processing    the   applications    for   grant    of   new   /renewal   of Accreditation   to    the   High   Schools   and   Junior  colleges   are communicated to  all the District Educational  Officers  in the state. All the District Educational Officers  are  requested to adhere to the guidelines now issued and process the applications for grant of new

/renewal of Accreditation to  the High Schools and Junior colleges under  private   management  and  submit  the  proposals  to   the Director, A.P. Open School Society, Guntur immediately

 2. Cardinal criteria for Accreditation of an Institution:

 High Schools under private management, recognized by the  competent authority   (Regional   Joint  Director of  School  Education)   of  School Education Department of Andhra Pradesh and are enjoying the  renewal of recognition for the  academic year under question are   only eligible for Accreditation  of APOSS.   The  moment,  the    High  School  ceases   its renewal  orders   from  the   School  Education  Department  of  Andhra Pradesh, it is deemed  to have ceased the  Accreditation of APOSS also, without any specifc orders of the  APOSS in this regard.

  Likewise,  the   Junior  Colleges  and  Vocational  Junior Colleges  under private    management,   recognised    by   the     Secretary,    Board   of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh (competent authority) and are enjoying  the   renewal   of  recognition  for  the   academic  year  under question are   only eligible for Accreditation of APOSS. The moment, the Junior College  and Vocational Junior College  ceases, its renewal orders from the  Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh, it is deemed to have ceased the  Accreditation of APOSS also, without any specifc orders of the  APOSS in this regard.

 3.The Accreditation of the  Institutions (High Schools/Junior Colleges/Vocational     Junior    Colleges)     of    APOSS    under     private management  are   to   be  renewed  year   by  year,   basing   on  the ‘Performance Appraisal  Report submitted  by  the   District  Educational Officer concerned.

   . Further, the   Accredited Institutions under private management are allowed to  participate  in the   admission process, during the   academic year 2022-23, upon submission of application of ‘Performance Appraisal for Renewal  of Accreditation’ through  the   District Educational  Officer concerned and release of ‘Accreditation Renewal Orders’ by the  Director of A.P. Open School Society, Guntur.

 In view of the  above, all the  District Educational Officers in the  State are hereby instructed to:

 1. Inform  all   the    Accredited  Institutions   of   APOSS   under   their jurisdiction   to  submit performance Appraisal Report in Proforma-3 along with required documents and DD  towards prescribed  fee,as specifed   in   Proforma-3,  through   the    Dy.  Educational   Officer concerned.

2. Evaluate the   proposals of ‘Performance Appraisal  Report’ received through   the     Dy.   Educational    Officer     and   submit   to    the Director,APOSS, with his specifc remarks, adverse reports and recommendations  for renewal /cancellation  of Accreditation of the Institution,  on the   basis  of the   report of the   Deputy Educational Officer.

3. Take  action   to    cause   inspections  by  the    concerned   Deputy Educational  Officers   in  respect  of  applications   of  ‘Performance Appraisal Report for Renewal of Accreditation’ received by them to submit the  reports to the  District Educational Officer immediately.

 4. Issue notice to  the  Private Accredited Institutions which are  either inactive or  had negligible  enrolment during the  previous academic years,for closure and also to direct the  AI coordinators concerned  to handover all the  records of APOSS  to the  nearby identifed  Govt./ZP Accreditation   Institution.   The  state   wide   list   of   309-Inactive Accredited Institutions (150- Private High Schools and 159- Private Junior Colleges) is enclosed  for ready reference.

5. It is mandatory to have atleast one Accredited Institution of APOSS in each Mandal in the   District as  per the   norms of the   Government regarding  ‘Open Distance  Learning’  (ODL)  mode of education.  The List  of  Mandals   in  which  the    APOSS  Study   Centres   are   not functioning are communicated with instructions to identify one High School in such ‘Study  Centre Less  Mandal’, and submit proposals for opening   the     APOSS   study   centre,   preferably    under   public management   and  ensure to  open  the   study  centre during  this academic year 2022-23.

6. As there is cap  on the   intake, to  a maximum  of 100 learners in Science Sections and 40 learners in Arts Section, in a Junior College, more number  of Junior Colleges  may  be required  in some of the mandals,  to    accommodate   the     aspirants   for   admission    into Intermediate course of APOSS. In such cases, the  District educational Officers may identify the  Junior College in such mandals, on the  need basis  and  submit  proposals of for opening  new study  centres in Proforma-1  -  Visit  Report for Accreditation (v.1.0)  duly  following guidelines and procedure.

 In view of the  above,all the  District Educational Officers in the  State are  instructed to  process the   proposals  for renewal  of accreditation

/opening new study centres of APOSS,duly adhering to  the  guidelines issued  supra   and  submit  them  to   the    Director,   APOSS,   Guntur immediately


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