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New Provisions and Concessions for CWSN (Children With Special Needs)

 SSC   Public    Examinations,  April/May-2022  - Providing  Certain Exemptions  &  Concessions  to  the   Children  with  Special  Needs (CwSN)  in  the  SSC  Public  Examinations - Inclusion  of Certain PH Categories in the  list of Disabilities -Certain Instructions & Clarifications - Reg.

 The Government  of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O.  Ref.  2nd cited, has ordered to  provide  exemptions  and   concessions  to  the  Children  with   Special  Needs

(CwSN)  in  the  state  of  Andhra  Pradesh  from  the   SSC  Public   Examinations,2022   onwards duly superseding the  earlier orders issued  in  the  G.O.  Ref.  1s cited.

 .        In  pursuance  of  the   Orders  issued  in  the   G.O.  Ref.  2d  cited  and   the Rights  of  Persons  with  Disabilities  Act,   2016  and  the  Notification  of  the Government of India vide Ref. 4th cited and  after  due consideration of the representation and  the  circumstances  reported in  the  representation Ref.  71 cited,  in  partial  modification of the  instructions issued  in  the  Lr.  Ref. 6  cited, all the HMs/  Principals/  Correspondents of all  the High  Schools in the state of Andhra Pradesh presenting CwSN candidates  for the SSC Public  Examinations,\April/May-2022   are   hereby  informed  that  the  exemptions  and   concessions stated  below  shall  be  extended  to  the  following  categories of  CwSN  who  are appearing  for the  SSC  Public Examinations, April/May-2022 in addition to  the various  categories  of  CwSN  mentioned  in  the  para   l (a)   of  Annexure-I   and Annexure-II of the  G.O.  Ref. 2n  cited:


a.   The  Definition  of Disabilities are  as defined in the Schedule of the  Rights of  Persons with Disabilities Act,  2016 read with   the  Notification  of the Ministry of Social  Justice and Empowerment,  Government of India, New Delhi,  published in  the  Gazette  of India  (Extraordinary),  Part-II,  Section

3(ii), No.  61, Dated:  05-01-2018.

b.  The  Heads of the  Schools are  instructed  to refer to the  Notification of the Ministry of Social Justice and  Empowerment,  Government of India, New Delhi,  published  in  the  Gazette of India  (Extraordinary),  Part-II,  Section

3(ii), No.  61,  Dated:  05-01-2018  in case of any  ambiguity.

C. The  Disability  Codes   mentioned  above are  in  addition  to  the existing

Disability Codes listed  in  the G.O.Ms.No.  86,  SE  (Prog.II)  Dept,   Dated:

29-12-2021. All other disability codes  remain unchanged.

 All the General exemptions and  concessions for  the CwSN  listed in  Para (2)  of Annexure-I  of the G.O.Ms.No.  86,  SE  (Prog.II)  Dept,  Dated:  29-12-2021 shall extend to the  list of disabilities mentioned above.

4.        The Disability Specific Exemptions and  Concessions  for the list of these included Disability categories are  as detailed below:

 .        All  the  details  regarding the   Issuing  Authority  Medical  Certificate  are listed in  Para (2)  of Annexure-1  of the  G.O.  Ref.  2n cited.  Only the  Disability Certificate issued  by  the   listed competent authorities  (Chief  Medical  Officer/Civil   Surgeon/    Medical  Superintendent   etc.)    are    accepted.    The    Medicalt certificates issued  by the  "Assistant Civil Surgeon"  shall  not  be accepted by the HMs   to   avail    the    exemptions   and    concessions.   Further,   the    Disability Certificate  issued by the  competent authority at any  place  i.e., at any  district/ state within  the jurisdiction  of the  Republic of India shall be accepted.

6.        The candidates  suffering from  Multiple  Disabilities (Disability  Code:  SD) can avail  of the  exemptions and  concessions provided in the  G.O.Ref.  2n cited based on  the nature of Disabilities listed.  The concerned  HM of the  school is advised to forward the Medical  Certificates of such candidates to the O/o  DGE, A.P. for further course of action, and  the  exemptions and  concessions shall be provided on a case by case basis considering the  nature of disabilities.

7.         All the  HMs/  Principals/  Correspondents  of all  the  High   Schools in  the state of Andhra Pradesh presenting CwSN candidates for the  SSC Public Examinations,  April/May-2022  are   hereby  instructed  to  scrupulously  follow the orders  of the Government in  the  G.O.  Ref.  2n  cited,  the  HM Instructions and   the  orders  in these  proceedings while  submitting  the  applications of the candidates.


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