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MDM rice to be taken from FP shops through biometric authentication only

 School Education-Jagananna  Gorumudda-Instructions  on receiving  of PM  POSHAN  /  Jagananna Gorumudda  rice from Fair Price Shops

 The attention of Regional  Joint Directors of School Education  and District Educational Ofcers in the  state are invited that the  Government is more emphasis on implementation of Jagananna Gorumudda /PM  POSHAN. Honourable Chief Minister reviews about the  program  monthly twice and has given instruction to ensure proper implementation of the  scheme.

Further, It  is noticed that some of the   schools in state   are  not getting the  rice from FP Shops due to lack of generation of RO.

The main  reason is   due to  the   fact that  Headmasters  of these schools  have   taken PM  POSHAN/  Jagananna Gorumudda rice form FP Shops  manually  without biometric authentication  in e-pos. Already clear instructions have been given to  DEOs to  instruct the   HMs  NOT to  take rice manually

Earlier,  when the  HMs had taken rice manually,   the  ROs could not be  generated   .  However,   the    issue   was  resolved   for  twice     by consolidating the  list of  FP   shops which are  having OBs and rectifcation of the    the  same with permission of Civil Supplies Department.

However, Civil Supplies  Department has given  clear directions that rice should not  be  taken manually  here after  as this lead to  not  only misuse of the  rice stocks but also accounting issues.


Hence, all District Educational Officers  in the  state are  instructed   to direct the  Headmasters to follow strictly instructions in taking rice form FP Shops as follows.

2.All  Headmasters  must  receive  the   rice  form  Fair  Price  shops  with biometric authentication in epos devices only between 1st to 15th of every month.

3.FP Shop changes  /MLS mapping  will be done on 20th  of every  month once MDM distribution completed through epos.


These instructions should be followed scrupulously without any fail. if any deviation in placing  indent  in time and taking Rice from FP  Shop within stipulated time through biometric authentication, it will be  viewed very  serious and concerned Headmaster  will be   held responsible and strict action against should be taken against the  defaulters


Further, DEOs  are instructed to  issue necessary instructions  to DyEOs, MEOs and Headmasters in this matter and review the  issue closely on  regular   basis  to   avoid  misuse  of  the    rice  stocks  and  to   avoid disturbances in the  accounting of the  rice stocks

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