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 LIP Words: భాషాభివృధ్ధి కార్యక్రమంలో భాగంగా February 2022 నెలలో నేర్పవలసిన పదాలు, FORTNIGHT TEST పేపర్స్ 

 FORTNIGHT TEST PAPERS & LIP Words for the month of February 2022

School Education-Quality Education- Implementation of an innovative   programme   called  LANGUAGE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME   (LIP)   (100  Days programme)  in  all Government   management   schools  except   private   un  aided schools  in   Zone-II  -   Fort   Night   Test   on   07.02.2022 - Examination  Paper

 In continuation of this office proceedings dated 33.12.2021, all the District Educational Officers in Zone-II are hereby informed that, the Fourth Fortnight Test should  be conducted on 07.02.2022.  The examination  paper  is hereby communicated to take  necessary action duly  following  the  instructions issued by this office on 31.12.2021 scrupulously.

Hence all the District Educational Officer in Zone-II are requested to communicate the Forth Fortnight Test papers up to the school level through the Inspecting Officers concerned and to take necessary action to  implement the  UP (100 days programme)  successfully.

Further all the  District  Educational  Officer in Zone-II are requested to submit the  Mandal  Grading Reports and District Grading  Reports  regarding Previous  Fort Night Test of Language  Improvement  Programme (UP  100  days programme)  in  prescribed  proformas  i.e.,  Annexure-I  (Primary),   Annexure-II (Upper Primary) and Annexure-III (High School).   They are requested to monitor

this programme personally and submit reports by 14.02.2022.

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