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8వ తరగతి పాఠ్యపుస్తకాల రచనలపై ఈ నెల 21 న వర్క్ షాప్

 8వ తరగతి పాఠ్యపుస్తకాల రచనలపై ఈ నెల 21 న వర్క్ షాప్...123 మంది టీచర్స్ తో లిస్ట్ విడుదల

School  Education  - SCERT,  AP -  Revision  of Curriculum  and Textbooks for  class  VIII  to  be  introduced  from  the  Academic   Year  2022-23  • Preliminary  meeting  with  textbook writers,  editors,  technical coordinators,  subject  coordinator,  other stakeholders  by  the  Hon'ble Minister   for   Education   on   215   October,   2021   at   5t   Block,   AP Secretariat - Participation  requested


All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational  Officers  in  the state  are  aware that the  revision  of  curriculum for  classes  1  to 6 was taken  up by the  SCERT in  the  year  2019-20  and for class   7   in   the  year   2020-21.     Based   on   revised   curriculum,   the   new textbooks  have  been  prepared  and  introduced  for  I      to  VI  classes  in  the state from  2019-2020 and for class VII  from  2020-21.

  APPOLYCET - 2021 ADMISSIONS - College-wise Allotment Details

2.         In    continuation    of   this   exercise,    it   is   proposed    to   revise   the curriculum  for  class VIII  and  to develop  textbooks for  class VIII  which  are suggested  to  be implemented  from  the  academic  year  2022-23.


3.         An   Academic    Advisory    Board   was   constituted   for    revision    of curriculum   and   development  of  textbooks   under   the   chairmanship  of Hon'ble  Minister for  Education, Andhra  Pradesh.  Further,  a  working  group has been constituted under  the Chairmanship of the State project Director, Samagra   Siksha,   Director,    SCERT    as   the   Convenor    for    revision    of curriculum   and   development   of  textbooks   for  class   8,  and   subject coordinators  are  identified  from  SCERT,  AP

 మీ Vehicle మీద ఏమన్నా RTO E-Challans ఉన్నాయేమో check చేసుకోండి

4.       Applications  have  been  called  from  the  interested  teachers from  all schools  under  all managements to register themselves as textbook writers through  a google  link.  Accordingly,  266 teachers  have shown  their interest as textbook  writer  and  11 for drawing/art  work.  SCERT has scrutinized  the applications  based  on selected  parameters and  finalized   118 teachers for textbook writing / drawing / art work and certain teachers as technical coordinators  (The  list  is  at Annexure 1)


5.         In   addition   to   the   textbook   writers   and   technical   team,   certain eminent  personalities  have  been  requested  to  render   their  services   as editors for the  development of textbooks for class 8.

 Teachers who have updated their profile in DIKSHA

6.        In  view  of the  above  it  is  proposed  to  convene   a  meeting  with  the Hon'ble  Minister  for   Education,  AP   and  the  Chairman,  State  Academic Advisory  board with  all the  stakeholders  on 21.10.2021 by  11.00 a.m  at 5th  Block,  15 floor,  AP Secretariat,  Velagapudi,  Amaravati.


School level FLN committee formation - details submission

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