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Mana Badi Nadu Nedu – identifcation of schools which requires revolving fund

 Mana Badi Nadu Nedu     identifcation of schools which requires revolving fund regarding



Execution of works under Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu  phase I  schools     is nearing completion . Most of the schools are completed physically, except small works like  wall  arts.  At  this juncture working estimates  have  been done for majority schools and revised admin sanctions also have been accorded.

2.     Instructions have been given to   record M book to assess the value of work done and to  prepare expenditure statement by HM  and MEO duly taking the actual  bills  and  invoices  paid.  Because  of community contracting we   expect considerable savings when compared to  the actual value of work  done. These savings  can  be  seen  if  the  value  of work   done  is  more than  the  actual expenditure the parents committee has spent and the payments made to central procurement materials (from expenditure statement).

3.   While  preparing  working estimates  it was  instructed to  limit the working estimated amount to the extent of the actual expenditure so that admin sanction will be taken to this restricted technical approval.  But it seems many EE s have not considered the savings seen from the actual  expenditure but took  revised admin sanction for full working estimated amount. Because of this discrepancy STMS is  allowing  the  release  of revolving  fund  based  on the revised  admin sanction, where actually RF is not required.

4. To  avoid this discrepancy,  the DEOs,  APCs,  EE s shall identify the schools where further Revolving Fund is required. For this purpose, a provision is given to APCs log in to tick the schools where further RF is not required.

5. The DEOs, APCs, EE s shall collect the information in the following format and identify the list of schools. The format will be made available in the STMS. The APCs shall tick such schools which require further revolving fund. The STMS shall process revolving fund for such identified schools only.



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