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Supply of Red -Gram Dal to Schools under Mid Day Meal Scheme Instructions


School   Education Jagananna  Gorumudda (MDM)  Scheme Supply of Red -Gram Dal to    Schools under Mid Day Meal Scheme through NAFED as Dry Ration  for  the      period   from  1st   September       to   31st  January-2021-Instructions Issued-Regarding


The Government  of Andhra Pradesh  has decided to  distribute the Dry Ration constating of Rice, Eggs, Chikkies and Red Gram Dal to eligible students in pandemic  situation  COVID-19 under  Jagananna  Gorumudda Scheme.  In  this context, as per the direction of the Director, Mid Day Meal, Govt. of India,  the Redgram Dal to be supplied as Dry Ration to the worth of cooking cost amount of each student for 100 working days i.e. from September -2020 to January-2021.


Terms and Conditions for Supply of Redgram Dal under Mid day Meal Scheme:




a. The Dal should be packed in 4.5/6.5 kgs High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

bags (with internal layer water proofng).

b. The mouth of the bags shall be rolled over the stitched securely with string jute twine with 12 to 14 stitches and properly fastened of.

c. Packing should be similar to what is available commercially in the market for the same product of the frm.

d. While supplying the commodity new Bags date of packing, batch number and date of expiry should be printed on the bag. Without the above details the stocks dispatched by the suppliers will not be accepted.

e. All stocks should be supplied within a period of 15 days  of packing  with shelf life of at least one and half month. Commodities  supplied after  15 days of packing will not be accepted.




 The following particulars shall be printed on one side of each bag:


 a. Name of Dals (In 5.0 to 6.0 cm characters). b. Net weight.

c. Gross weight.

d. Month of packing. e. Lot No.

f. Station of dispatch.

g. A colour stamp (in 8 to 10 cm characters) indicating Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid Day Meal-AP) and NOT FOR SALE shall appear in front side of the bag.

 All the District Educational  Ofcers in the state are requested to issue the instructions to feld functionaries on the following.

 1. To receive the Redgram Dal from the NAFED, New Delhi with the terms and conditions.

2. To feed the received quantity in IMMS app immediately.

3. To issue the physical acknowledgement to the supplier for payment .

4. To maintain the Register for supply of Redgram Dal as Dry Ration.

5. To distribute the received quantity to the parents of all students in the concerned school with proper acknowledgement duly following COVID guidelines.




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