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Municipal Education - Selection and appointment of School Supervisors - Selection Criteria, Functions, Guidelines

Municipal Education - Selection and appointment of School Supervisors - Selection Criteria, Functions, Guidelines 

Municipal Education – Monitoring and Inspecting of Schools - Selection and appointment of School Supervisors in the (59) ULBs - Guidelines - Issued.
     During the Secretary meeting held on 31.10.2019, the issue of Municipal Education system had been discussed and in order to strengthen the Municipal Education system it is felt, it is necessary to select and appoint the School Supervisors in all the (59) ULBs with Municipal Schools from existing Municipal Teachers for monitoring and inspection of the Municipal Schools, till such time of positioning of permanent cadre of officers over the Ward Education and Data Processing Secretaries. Therefore the following Broad Guidelines are issued for implementation by the Municipal Commissioners of GVMC and VMC and RDMAs( in case of other ULBs with Municipal Schools) for positioning School Supervisors in the 59 ULBs. Broad Guidelines for Positioning School Supervisors in 59 ULBs with Municipal Schools
Selection and Appointment:
    To be selected and appointed from the existing Municipal Teachers by RDMA in consultation with the Municipal Commissioner concerned and in case of GVMC and VMC, the Commissioner of GVMC and VMC is the appointing authority. IN case of ULBs with existing School Supervisors balance requirement if any as per Annexure 1 is to be filled. Further once the positioning of School Supervisors as stipulated is completed, the gap due to their deputation from Schools is to be filled by Vidya Volunteers, for which orders have already been issued.
Number to be selected:
As per Annexure :1
Selection Criteria:
  • Application may be called for at ULB level
  • Previous working Coordinator may be permitted to apply
  • No charges or disciplinary proceedings are pending against the Applicant.
  • Seniority list to be prepared from among the applicants (ULB Level). Primary School supervisor must be selected from among the seniority list of SGTs. And High School Supervisor must be selected from among the Seniority list of SAs only.
  • If senior candidate is not willing to act as Supervisor, the subsequent or the immediate candidate may be selected.
  • The applicants who are suffering from heart diseases and any other prolonged illness need not to apply.
  • Must possess IT Knowledge for compilation or reports etc.
  • Candidates have adequate aptitude and attitude towards work.
  • The tenure of the School Supervisor is for the current academic year / till fill up by permanent cadre. The School Supervisor so appointed may be terminated at any point of time without assigning any notice.
Functions of the School Supervisor:
  • Out door inspection daily in the fore noon on various Activities in Municipal Schools both academic and non academic as assigned by the Head Office or the ULB Commissioner. Due focus will be given to preparation for 10th class board examinations in the light of new blue print.
  • Implementation of Government Programs related to School Education such as Amma Vadi with the involvement of Ward Education and Data Processing Secretary.
  • In the Afternoon Session to report before the Municipal Commissioner concerned/other officer delegated by the Commissioner, for compilation and submission of reports related to School activities and to coordinate the work of Ward Education and Data Processing Secretaries.
  • To see whether the lesson plan is prepared by the teacher while teaching the lesson in the class room.
  • Coordination with HM and to see all SCERT activities are run in the schools and help the HMs while identification of students (ie A, B, C, D grade wise category).
  • To increa se the attendance of the students and awareness among parents about the Government Programmes and digital and virtual classrooms.
  • He has to act a liaison between schools and Head Office to impart day to day activities and to attend workshops conducted by Head Office and complete the activity with the coordination of HMs and subject teachers.
  • Coordination with MEOs and submit CLs to the Municipal Commissioners concerned and a copy of the same may be sent to the HMs concerned for taking necessary action.
  • Monthly work done statement may be prepared duly endorsed by the HM concerned and to submit Municipal Commissioners concerned and a copy of the same may be sent State Academic Unit by the Municipal Commissioner.
  • During field visits, the School Supervisor shall identify the philanthropists, CSR and report the same to the Commissioner / HM concerned in order to get support from them in view of student interest.
  • Co-ordinating with the Ward Education Secretary and the activities entrusted to Ward Education Secretary.
  • Any other work as may be entrusted by the Head Office.
  • Basing on the performance of the School Supervisors on the recommendations of the RDMAs concerned, their names will be nominated for the Best School Supervisor Award.

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