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Supply of IFPs and Smart TVs to schools covered in Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II

 Supply of IFP and Smart TVs to schools covered in Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II 

School Education – Digital Infrastructure to Classrooms –Supply of IFPs :and Smart TVs to schools covered in Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II – Guidelines on preparedness for installation


 In continuation  to  the   reference 3rd  cited,  all  the   Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational  Officers in the  state is  invited  to   the    reference  3rd above  wherein  the    government   has accorded  administrative  approval  for providing  28,014  Smart  TVs  for classes I to  V and 31,884 Interactive  Flat Panels (IFPs) under Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase II for the  academic year 2023-24.

 2)     The devices  will be supplied  to  all schools before 21st  December 2023.   Therefore,  preparedness   of  the    installation such  as  ensuring functional electricity, power points, earthing  to  the  building etc., is to  be ensured for the  seamless installation within timelines.

 3)    In this regard the  following guidelines are  issued.

 To identify all the  teaching classrooms( not  to  cover any lab/library/staff room ornany other room not  used for teaching purpose) from classes  6 to

10, including all sections for installation of IFPs.

a. To  ensure  functional  electricity  to  all  such  classrooms  with the earthing facility.

 b. To identify the  place of installation on the  wall duly considering  the replacement of green boards in such classrooms.

 c. Wall mount brackets will be supplied by the  vendors well in advance to avoid last minute rush in the  installation process.

 d. The  Headmasters   shall  be  available   in  schools  on  the    day  of installation to ensure that the  installation is completed properly

 e. To  identify  the   Smart   TV  room for installation   of  Smart   TV  for primary classes  below class 5.

 f. To ensure installation is done properly.

 g. To  ensure that the   functional electricity is made available  in such rooms along with provisions of sockets etc.,

 h. To ensure the  provision for keeping the  Android box near the  device.

 i. Once  the  equipment is installed, the  necessary  precautions may be ensured for safeguarding the  equipment.

 j.  Any expenditure  on facilitating the   Power/earthing  /  Net  cable  stands etc.. shall be booked under Nadu-Nedu.

  4)     Therefore, all the   Regional  Joint Directors of School Education  and District  Educational   Officers   in  the    state  are   here  by  directed  to disseminate the  above information to  all the  Headmasters to  ensure the seamless installation of IFPs and Smart TVs in all schools covered in Mana Badi                  Nadu                        Nedu                        Phase                  II



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