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Restrictions on Use of mobile phones in the classrooms

 Restrictions on Use of mobile phones in the classrooms

School Education – SCERT, AP - Restrictions on Use of mobile phones in the  classrooms- certain guidelines 

 The Hon’ble Minister for Education,  Government of Andhra Pradesh has  chaired   a  meeting  on  03.08.2023  regarding   consultations  on “Promoting  Ease   of  Living   through  Good    Governance  and   use  of technology in Schooling”. Among other topics, a detailed discussion took place  on the   impact  of  the   use  of  mobile  phones  in  classrooms,  in particular, and  school premises in general. The general consensus among the  teachers, union representatives and education experts was to restrict the   use of mobile phones in the   classrooms as the   negative impact of mobile phones on learning outweighs its utility

 Further, in accordance  with the  recent UNESCO  Report (2023), and recognizing the  escalating concerns surrounding the  detrimental effects of mobile phone usage on students' academic performance and well-being, it is  hereby  mandated  that  all  educational  institutions within the   state enforce  immediate  and  resolute measures  to   regulate  mobile  phone usage. The primary objective is to  strike a harmonious balance  between the   benefits  of technology  and  the   potential  detriments  arising  from excessive mobile phone usage

 Within educational settings, the  proliferation of mobile phones raises pertinent concerns, centering around their implications  for academic institutions. Principally, these concerns encompass:

1. Impact on  academic performance:

The   infuence  of   mobile   phone   usage   on  students'   academic performance remains a pivotal concern for educational institutions.

2. Well-being considerations:

The potential ramifcations  of mobile phone usage  on the  well-being of students necessitate careful examination and management.

3. Addressing online bullying and safeguarding issues:

Educational   institutions   are   compelled   to    address   multifaceted challenges   posed  by  online  bullying  and  other related  safeguarding matters in the  context of mobile phone usage.

4. Educator Infuence and Classroom Dynamics:

The utilization  of mobile within the  classroom setting has  garnered   attention   for  its  infuence  on  student   engagement. Regrettably,  when  teachers  employ  cell  phones  within the   classroom, students'  focus  is  compromised.  Furthermore, the    adoption  of  such practices  by students as  a result of emulation can disrupt educational activities, culminating in decreased attentiveness during lessons.

The  pervasive   impact  of  mobile  phone  usage   necessitates   a judicious   approach    within   educational    contexts.   As   the     research illuminates the  multifarious challenges posed by these devices, addressing them becomes imperative to  safeguard academic  performance, student well-being, and the  learning environment as a whole.

Hence, it  is here by decided to  impose restrictions  on  the usage   of  the    mobile  phones   in    the    classrooms  during   the instructional  hours and  the   following  Guidelines for Regulating Mobile Phone Usage in Educational Institutions are  issued:

 2.  Educational Deployment:

 a. If a teacher  intends  to   utilize  a  mobile  phone  for instructional purposes,  its  incorporation must be meticulously  detailed  in the lesson plan and should be approved in advance by the  headmaster. It should be on the  basis of explicitly stated educational objectives.

 b. Any necessity to employ mobile phones as hotspots for educational purposes must be explicitly outlined in the  lesson plan and approved by the  respective headmaster in advance.

 c. If for any unavoidable reasons, mobile phone is required to be taken to  the  class  room for academic  or non-academic use by a teacher, prior permission 

should be taken from the  head of the  school and valid reasons  should be recorded in a register to be maintained for the  purpose.

 3. Storage of Mobile Phones:

 a. Under no  circumstances  are  students  authorized to  bring  mobile phones into classrooms.

b. The use of mobile phones by students during class sessions is strictly and unequivocally prohibited.

c. The mobile phones shall be kept stashed  in the  staf room or in an area ear-marked by the  Head of School for this purpose. This place where mobile phones GsSRhaINlFlO b- wewwk.gesrmpatthsc.inould be  the   head  of school room, staf room, the  clerk or any other employee whom the  head of school may make the  custodian thereof.

d. In the   event of a genuine emergency,  mobile phone can be used with the  prior permission of the  Headmaster.

4. Student Restrictions:

 a. Under no circumstances are students authorized to bring mobile phones into classrooms.

b. The use of mobile phones by students during class sessions is strictly and unequivocally prohibited.

5. Usage of Government-Supplied Devices:

 Government-provided digital devices (including Interactive Flat Panels,  Smart   TVs,  Tablets,   etc.)  are   exclusively  designated  for educational  instruction within the   classroom environment and  in no case they shall be used for any non-academic activities.

 6. Administrative Responsibilities:

Administrative  tasks necessitating  mobile device usage  should be concluded prior to or subsequent to instructional hours (i.e. before 9.30 am or after 4 pm). The marking of students attendance though mobile app, MDM and other prescribed activities shall be done prior to the  start of instructional hours. If by any chance any such activities have to be done after the  start of class, it shall be done only by the  Headmaster



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