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Creation of Cluster Reserve Mobile Teacher posts

 Providing Cluster Reserved Mobile Teacher (CRMT) at each School Complex level as Resource Pool

Creation  of Cluster  Reserve  Mobile Teacher  posts -  Providing Cluster Reserved Mobile Teacher (CRMT) at each School Complex level as Resource Pool to curb the absentee Teacher problem

 Government  have noticed  that  the  continuity  of  academic  activity  in  single teacher schools in the State is getting disturbed whenever the single teacher is absent due to availing his/her eligible leaves which is causing lot of difficulties for the students to maintain their perseverance and continuity in studies. Moreover, even the timely deputations ordered from nearby schools, are also resulting in dislocation of academic activities in the schools from where the deputations are made and bringing bad name for the tireless efforts made by the Government  in the Education sector of Andhra Pradesh.

 2.     Some of the major reasons  Identified for Teacher Absenteeism in Single/Double Teach er Schools are-

 a.  Teachers applied for leave,  and approved by the Manda!  Education  Officer

(MEO) but MEO did not make alternate arrangements.

 b.  Teachers applied for leave,  and MEO did not approve,  but the teacher left school in anticipation.

 c. Teachers did not apply for leave (French leave).

 d.  Teachers deputed for training/other  official  work,  but MEO did not make alternate arrangements

 e. Teachers applied for leave, approved by MEO, alternate arrangement made, but the substitute teacher attended late as he was informed late

 .    In the early 2000s (2001-2009), Cluster Resource  Persons (CRPs) were appointed

@ for 2-3 High schools vicinity for the following  duties  in  High schools complex-

 a.  Collection  of Data of Out of School  Children

 b.   Handholding   the   children   of  Primary   and   Upper   Primary   Schools   for enrolment  in  High classes

 c.  Mapping of Primary/ Upper Primary Schools with  High Schools d.  Monitor the implementation  of Mid-Day  Meal

e.  Maintaining  the records of all the schools  (Physically  in  High Schools)

 f.  Collection  of data of Teachers'  vacancy

 g.  Teach  the  students  as a substitute  teacher  in  case  of leave  of  a  regular teacher.

 However,  currently his work has become  redundant due to the following-

 a.  Presently MEO 1   & 2, Village Educational & Welfare Assistant  and Volunteer are already looking  after enrolment.

 b.  Inspection of schools is  being done by the MEOs,  Village  Education Welfare

Assistant  through  consistent  rhythm.

 c.  All  the records/ data including  Teachers'  data are being maintained  in  Child

Info  Portal.

 Moreover,  as he/she  is  B.Ed.  qualified,  so their  services  must  be used for teaching purpose. Furthermore, due to the current  structure, there  is issue of dual control and reporting  of the  CRPs to both the  Headmasters   and the  Mandal Education  Officers (MEO) causing  conflict of decision  making 4.    This dual  reporting  system  has to go and the  Cluster  Resource  Persons  (CRPs) of the Manda I    to be called as Cluster Reserved  Mobile Teacher  (CRMT) and now they will  work  directly   under  Mandal  Education   Officers   (MEO),  in  the  single  teacher schools  whenever  the teacher  is on leave.

 5.   Currently, the total number of Cluster Resource  Person (CRPs) working  are 3,489. This results  in total  Number of working  days of all  Cluster Resource  Person (CRPs)  in a year as 3,489 X 220 = 7,67,580 teacher  days.

 The total  number of Single teacher schools  in the State are 9,602.Since,  each teacher has a provision  of availing  22 days  leave  in  an academic  year, the total  number  of leaves  may possibly  be availed by teachers  of single teacher  schools  are 22 X 9,602 = 2, 11,244 teacher days



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