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School Education AP, Amaravati Beginning of new Academic year

-      2023-23-Launching of JaganannaAmmavodiprogramme on 28.06.2023  Conducting Parent Teachers Committee meeting on 26th /27th June

2023 -  Instructions issued.

Ref:-    1. G.O.Ms.No.41, dated:19.06.2013 School Education (PE-SSA Department).

2. Launching of Ammavodi Programme scheduled on 28.06.2023.



We are all aware that the  Government of Andhra Pradesh have taken up several  developmental  activities  in School Education Department for the  overall improvement of infrastructure and provide best facilities to the children in government  schools.  Any government  initiative  will become successful  only with the   active participation of the   stakeholders;  in this case the  pareants.


All the   Head Masters /MEOs  /DEOs are  informed that as  per the Government orders refrence  1st  cited,  sub  clause  (5(a)  The School Management committee shall meet at least once in two months during the academic yearThe frst  meeting  will be around the   beginning  of the academic year The schools in the  state have  re-opened on 12.06.2023 and the  government has already launched several prestigious programs, namely,Jagananna  Vidya Kanuka,Jagananna  Animutyalu,  installatioof IFPs and Smart  TVs etc. Now  the  Government has decided to  launch the Ammavodi program on 28 th  June.  Hence this is a right time to  conduct Parents  Committee   meeting  and   to   discuss  all  the    developmental activities  taken up in the   schools and to  plan  for the   better teaching learning outcomes in this academic year.


Ammavodi  programme   is   a   welfare   scheme   implemented   by Government of Andhra Pradesh. The primary objective of the  Ammavodi programme   is    to     provide    fnancial    assistance   to     economically disadvantaged mothers or guardians  in order to support the  education of their children. Ammavodi program focuses  on empowering the   mothers with the  noble objective that poverty of the  parents should not  become a reason for not  educating any child in the  state.   The programme aims to increase the   enrollment,  reduce dropout rates  and improve the   overall literacy rate in the  state.  This programme was initially launched in Januar2020 and everyeaaround 44 lakh mothers are  provided Rs. 13000 through Direct Beneft  Transfer into their bank accounts and another Rs.

2000 is provided to  the   schools  for the   School maintenance and Toilet maintenance. Ammavodi has helped alleviation  of the  fnancial  burden of the  families and has been successful in encouraging parents to send their children to school.


In view of the  launching of the  Ammavodi Programme scheduled on

28.06.2023  the    following  instructions  are   issued  to   conduct  Parent Commiittee meeting on 26.06.2023 or 27.06.2023 on the  following agenda items duly involving the  all stakeholders


This  year,  launching  of  the  Ammavodi  Programme  scheduled  on

28.06.2023.  Hence,  all  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are instructed to follow the below instructions without any deviation:


   Parent   Teachers   Committee   meeting   should   be   conducted   in   all Government managed schools on 26.06.2023 or 27.06.2023 duly inviting all the Stakeholders i.e., all the members of Parent Committee, all Parents, Students and Village Heads.

   The  Head  Master  of  the  concerned  school  should  take  initiation  in conducting   the   Parent   Teachers   Committee   meeting   on   the   dates

26.06.2023 or 27.06.2023 by informing all the Stakeholders well in advance requesting them to attend the meeting and ensure that all the stakeholders to attend to the parent committee meeting without fail.

   The Head Master should make an arrangement for display of the videos of Jagananna Animuthyalu held on 20.06.2023 at Vijayawada. The video should be displayed to the stakeholders of Parent Teachers Committee in the committee meeting.In case of non-availability of the display devices, the Honble Chief Ministers message has to be readout. (

   The Head Master should readout the developmental activities taken up by the Government in the committee meeting for well awareness of the programmes among the stakeholders as detailed below:


1. JaganannaAmmavodi:  This  Programme  is  launched  in  2019-20  to ensure that poverty of the parent does not come as obstacle in the way of educating their children. Under this scheme annual financial assistance of Rs.15000/- is being given to each unique mother/guardian belong to BPL families.

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