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Supply of JVK-4 items Constitution of Committees for monitoring and supply

 Constitution   of  Committees  for monitoring and supply - JVK 4 Kits

Samagra   Shiksha,  Andhra   Pradesh,  Amaravati   -   Supply  of  Students KITS  to all  School  Children  studying  in  Government  Schools during  the Academic  year  2023-24   - Constitution   of  Committees  for monitoring and supply  of JVK-4  items  - Orders

 The Government  have  accorded  administrative  approval  for  procurement and supply  of Student  Kits  consisting  of  Notebooks,  Belt,  a  pair of shoes and two (2)  pairs socks, School  bag, 3  pairs of uniform,  Dictionary, Text books and Work Books,  to  all  the  students  studying  from  Classes I  to  X  in  all  the  Government Management  Schools  in  the  State  under  "Jagananna  Vidya  Kanuka-4"  for the academic year 2023-24.

 The tender process  is completed  and the  work  orders  have been issued to the suppliers. The Quality Council of India (QCI) was also involved  as Third  Party Quality Assurance {TPQA) for quality  checking.

 Hence, it  is decided to  constitute  committees  at  State  Level,  District  Level and Mandal  levels  for Inspection/Monitoring  purpose

 >   PMU  Head   - One Senior Ot    icer  DD,M    nominated  by the  SPD,

   State  Community  Mobilization  Officer of this  office.

   Two Engineering  staff nominated  by the  CE.

   Two Members from  QCI.

   One Member from TCS.

>   Sri P.V.  Ramana, Senior Programmer of this  office.

Functions  of the  PMU:

1.  Development  of JVK app.

2.  Monitoring  of JVK supply and distribution.

3.  Monitoring  of QCI visits  and inspections.

4.  Obtaining  the  reports  from  QCI and consolidation.

5.  Time to Time monitoring  of  receiving  and distribution  of JVK items.

6.  Maintaining  the  record for receiving  and distribution  of JVK items.

7.  Submission  of daily  reports  to higher authorities.

8.  Any other  works entrusted  by the  higher authorities.

II-    Constitution  of  Teams/Committees   for   Inspection/Monitoring

at State level  for the  components


Functions  of the State Level  Team:

1.   Inspections  of suppliers  firms at  3 stages  i.e.  a)  Stage  of  procurement of material.  b) Stage of production  and c) Stage of transportation.

2.   Visits  and inspections  to  Districts  and Mandals  time to time  at  the time of supplies  and distribution  of JVK items.

3,   Monitoring  of QCI visits and inspections.

4.  Maintaining  the record for  receiving  and distribution  of JVK items.

5.  Submission  of daily  reports to  higher  authorities.

6.  Any other works entrusted  by the  higher  authorities.

III-   Constitution of District level JVK Monitoring. Team:

  Additional  Project Coordinator -  Team  Head

  CMO/ Asst.  CMO - Convener

»  GCDO/ Asst.  GCDO - Member

  MIS  Coordinator - Member

  ALSCO/Asst.  ALSCO - Member

Functions  of the  District  Level Team:

1.  Identification  of JVK storage  points  at  mandal  level  and  also one  point at  district  level   for   purpose  of  safe  storage  of  JVK  material   and distribution  of JVK kits to schools.

2.   Monitoring  of  preparation,of )//6,its,at mandal  level  and constitutions

of teams at storage  points.

3.   Submission  of daily reports  to higher  authorities.

4.  Maintaining  the  record for  receiving  and distribution  of JVK items.

5.  Any other works entrusted  by the higher authorities.

IV-      Constitution  of Mandal Level VK  Monitoring  Team;


Mandal Educational  Officer. APM(SERP)

MIS  Coordinator/Data  Entry  Operator

  Three Coordinating  Staff (CRPs, PTis)  for each component.

Functions  of the  Mandal  Level Team:

1.  Receiving  of JVK  material  from  the  supplier and  making  arrangements to receive  the  material  at any time at JVK stock  point.

2.   Receiving,   counting  and  acknowledging  the  receipt  of JVK  items  and issuing   Delivery    Challans   to   the   supplier    on   the   same   date   of supply(the  MEO should  invariably  sing  on  the  Delivery  Challans  with due  certification  of receipt,  quantity  and  condition  of the  items,  seal and  signature.  No  other  signatures  will   be  accepted  and  necessary action  will  be taken against  MEO for any improper acknowledgements.

3.   Uploading  of the  DCs in  the JVK app on the same date of receipt of JVK

items  and uploading the data  in JVK app

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