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Teachers Transfers 2022 Modifications Revised Schedule

 Teachers Transfers 2022 'Modifications Revised Schedule'

School Education Ensuring of subject teachers in the  High Schools and required number of teachers in Foundational Schools, Foundational School Plus AP  Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Guidelines, 2022 Certain instructions issued

As per the  guidelines, the  committee shall arrive at the  number of vacancies i.e. the   diference  between sanctioned  and  working in each cadre.  Then  the   committee shall  have  to  block  the   same  number of vacancies proportionately in categories I, II, and III taking Mandal as a unit. Example:  In  an  erstwhile  district,  sanctioned  SGT posts:  5,000  and working: 4500, then to  be blocked vacancieare 5000-4500=500. If 40 mandals  in  the   district,  proportionately block  that  500  vacancies   in category-I, II and III. While blocking the  vacancies, the  following points are to be noted

b. No vacancies shall be blocked in High Schools (i.e., 3-10/6-10)

c. Vacancies  shall  be blocked proportionately in the   Pre  High Schools with more than 98 strengths. If any vacancies are left, then block the   vacancies  in high  schools (6-10) where the strength is low.


b. Secondary Grade Teachers (SGTs)

   Foundational Schools/Foundational School Plus where strength is 21 to 30 Vacancies shall be blocked proportionately.

   If any vacancies are  left, then block the  vacancies in Foundational Schools/Foundational School Plus as per the  highest cadre strength (posts).

   All Foundational  Schools  shall  have  a  minimum  (of one) regular teacher.


The additional instructions with regard to transfers are as follows

a. Re-apportionment points (5) will be awarded to those Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers who are afected  by re-apportionment (all cases irrespective of mapping) are eligible for extra points over and above already secured points.

b. The President and General Secretary  of the Recognized Teachers

Union at the District Level are also eligible for (5) special points.

c. If  any  Headmaster  (Gr.II)/Teacher who  availed  the  preferential category (spouse) or special points (spouse) in Transfers, 2020 and now  the  spouse  was  died  due  to  various  reasons,  then  the Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers can claim preferential category under widow preferential category even though they haven’t complete5/8  years respectively.

d.The last date for applying for online transfer by Headmaste(Gr.II)/Teacher is extended upto 19.12.2022.

e. The last date for verification of online applications by the DDO is extended  upto 20.12.2022. However,  the DDOs shall verify the transfer applications simultaneously  from time to time so as to adhere to the timelines (20.12.2022).

f. All Language Pandits in DEO Pool/Pre-High  School shall apply for transfers.

The IT  cell is requested to  note the   above instructions and take necessary  action, accordingly  in the  online module of transfer counseling in coordination with the  APCFSS concerned.

 Therefore, all Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Ofcers in the  State shall take necessary action, accordingly. Encl: As above

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