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Updation of Child Info and marking of Student Attendance

  Updation of Child Info and marking of Student Attendance – Orders

 The  attention  of  all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors  of  School  Education  and  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  state  is  invited  to the references  read above and they  are  informed  that  in  the  reference  3  read  above,  certain  guidelines were   issued   regarding   commencing   the   academic   year    2022-23,   school preparedness and readiness  programme

 The child data base updated with fresh admissions and withdrawals  duly ensuring the  enrollment of the schools shall be reflected  in the child  database for  benefiting the students with the  provisions made  for  the students studying  in all schools under all managements.

 3.       In this regard the following  guidelines  are herewith  reiterated  which  were already  issued  in the  reference  5  read  above, to  all the  filed  functionaries to instruct  all  the  headmasters  of  all  schools  under  all  managements  regarding updating the child information  in child info.

 a.  Provision  for  registering/  updating  the  child  database  will  be enabled  from 5th July 2022 onwards.

 b. Considering  automatic  promotions  to  the  students  to  the  next  class  are reflected  in the child  data  base.

 c. Students  of the  last class  of a  particulars  schools  are  pushed  to system dropouts  to enable  them  to  admit  in  new schools where  the  child  is joined in next class.

 d. If the students of remaining  classes issued with transfer certificates/record sheets the  same  shall  be updated  in  the  child  info  and to  kept them  as general  dropouts to enable them to  admit in new schools

 e. Child  info  shall  be  updated  on  daily  basis  subject  to  admissions   and withdraws  in that school

 f. Before capturing the student's attendance, the child database shall be synchronized to reflect the  data  of new admissions  and withdrawals.

 g. As the  30  September of respective academic  year  is the cutoff date for updating  UDISE+  data,  the  same  will  be applied  for updating  the  child information   also.   The   Child   info   registrations   shall   be  stopped   w.e.f 30.09.2022  for the academic year 2022-23. However, admissions and withdrawals  can be taken  up offline  as per RTE  norms.  The data  base of such children will be reflected  in the next consequent academic  year.

 h. As the student's attendance is one of the criteria for Jagananna Ammavodi program, all headmasters and teachers shall ensure that the students who attend  the school  shall  be updated  and synchronized   regularly to ensure that all the students  reflected  in students attendance  app.

 i.   As mandated  by  Government,   all  schools  functioning  in  Andhra  Pradesh under all managements shall mark the student attendance regularly  in the existing   student   attendance   app   provided    by   the   department.   Any deviation  in this  regard shall be viewed seriously


Implementation of Vocational Education for the academic year 2022-23 –guidelines

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