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Providing 4% Reservation to the persons with disabilities in appointments and in promotions

  Providing 4% Reservation to the persons with disabilities in appointments and in promotions

General  Administration   Department   -  Providing   4%   Reservation   to  the persons with  Benchmark  disabilities  in appointments  and in promotions- Orders - Issued.


 In  the  G.O.   3rd   read  above,   orders  were  issued   amending   the Rule-22  of A.P.State  and  Subordinate  Service  Rules,  1996  for  providing 3%  reservation  to the  persons  with  Disabilities  in  tune  with  the  orders issued  by  the  Department  for  Women,  Children,  Differently  Abled  and Senior Citizens vide G.O.Ms.No.23,  Department for Women, Children, Differently Abled and Senior Citizens dated:26.5.2011.

 2.       In the  G.O.  5th  read above,  orders were issued amending  the  Rule- 22  of  A.P.State   and  Subordinate   Service   Rules,   1996   extending   3% reservation   to  the   persons   with   Disabilities   in   promotions   and   also provision for partial  or full  exemption  on such reservation  in promotions in tune  with  the  orders  issued   by  the  Department  for  Women,   Children, Differently  Abled  and Senior  Citizens  vide  G.O.Ms.No.42,   Department  for Women,       Children,       Differently       Abled      and       Senior       Citizens dated: 19.10.2011.

 3.       In  the  G.O.  sixth  read above,  orders  were issued  as per Section-34 of  the   Rights   of   Persons   with   Disabilities   Act,   2016   providing   4% reservation in appointments and promotions in every Government establishment in   favour    of   persons   with   benchmark   disabilities.   A provision was also made therein to give exemption to Government establishments  from  this  reservation  by  placing  the  matter  before  the Inter Departmental  Committee

 4.       Government   after   careful   examination   of   the   matter,   hereby decided  to  provide  four percent  ( 4%)   Reservations  to the  persons  with Benchmark disabilities in appointments and promotions. Government also direct  that  if  any  Department  consider  that  exemption  is  necessary  in Govt  establishments  from  this  reservation,  they  shall  place  the  matter before the Inter Departmental  Committee along with  due justification.

 5.        Necessary  amendments  to the  A.P.  State  and Subordinate  Service Rules, 1996  will be issued separately

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