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Medical Reimbursement Extended upto 31.03.2023

 Medical Reimbursement Scheme Extended

Health,    Medical    &   Family   Welfare   Department-Medical    Reimbursement Scheme  under  APIMA  Rules,  1972  - Further  extension  of  Medical Reimbursement Scheme  from    01.08.2022 to  31.03.2023   to the employees and  pensioners in parallel with  Employee  Health  Scheme,   duly  following  the comprehensive guidelines issued in the  G.O.Rt.No.345,  HM&FW (1.1) Department,  dated:21.08.2018  - Orders – Issued


In   the   G.O.6    read   above,   Government   have   issued   orders   for extending   the   Medical   Reimbursement   Scheme   under  APIMA   Rules,   1972 from  01.08.2021  to  31.07.2022 to the employees  and  pensioners   in parallel with  Employee  Health  Scheme,  duly  following   the comprehensive  guidelines issued  in  G.O.Rt.No.345,  HM&FW(I.1)  Department,  Dated:21.08.2018  and this  extension  would  be the last  such extension,  and  no more extensions  will be given  and  the  employees   have  represented  that they  have  been  facing the problem of hospitals turning  away  EHS  patients and  the Chief Executive Officer,   Dr.YSR   Aarogyasri   Health   Care   Trust,   AP,   shall    take   further necessary  action   to  ensure  that  Dr  YSR Aarogyasri  Health  Care  Trust  is made accountable for putting in place systems to ensure that such and other complaints  are addressed.

 2.         Government   after examination    of   the   matter,    hereby   extend   the medical   reimbursement   scheme   for   a   further  period  from   01-08-2022  to 31-03-2023  to   the  employees   and   pensioners  in   parallel   with   Employee Health  Scheme  (EHS)  duly  following   the comprehensive guidelines   issued  in the  G.O.  1st   read above.

 3.    The Chief Executive Officer, Dr.YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, AP, Mangalagiri,   Guntur   District   is   requested   to   put   in   place   all   required mechanisms to  ensure  hassle-free  access  to  Employee  Health  Scheme  for employees  and pensioners.

 4.    The Chief Executive Officer, Dr.YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, AP, Mangalagiri,      Guntur  District  shall   take  further   necessary  action   in  the matter.

 5.      This  order   issues  with  the  concurrence  of  the  Finance  (FMU,  HM&FW) Department   vide   their  U.O.NO.FIN01-FMU0PC(HMF1)/65/2022-FMU-HMFW Computer  No: 1662056,   Dated.13  /09/2022.

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