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Involve Welfare & Education Assistants / WEDPSs–Ensure all Dropout students enrolled in the Schools


School Education – UDISE 2022-23 – 2.25    Lakh  Dropout Students  Identified    Issue  Instructions to  MPDOs  / Municipal  Commissioners  with  a  direction  to   involve  Welfare  & Education Assistants / WEDPSs – Ensure all Dropout students enrolled in the  Schools

 It   is  to   inform  that  in  the    reference  2nd   cited  above,  the Commissioner, School Education has informed that the  School Education Department is maintaining the  Student Information Management System (SIMS) to  manage all the  data related to  the  schools, including Students enrollment, attendance,  periodic evaluation.  This database  is used for identifying beneficiaries  for all government  programs like Ammavodi,  JVK etc.

 2. Further he informed that, during the  academic year 2022-23 it is observed  that,  there  are   about  2.25  Lakhs  dropout students  when compared with the  previous year. While the  eforts put in by the  School Headmasters and other Employees in Education Department has helped to identify and enrolled some of the  Children in last few weeks. He requested the   GVWV&VSWS  Department to  involve the   Village/ Ward  Secretariat Functionaries and to identify the  remaining Children 1.73 Lakhs and bring them back to the  schools.

 3. The GVWV&VSWS Department will be enabled  a module in the Consistent Rhythms APP in WEA/WEDPS login by 1st October,2022. District wise list of Dropout remaining  Children 1.73 Lakhs 

4.  In  this  regard,   District   Collectors   are   requested  to   issue instructions to all MPDOs and Municipal Commissioners with a direction to involve the  Welfare &  Education Assistants / WEDPSs to verify the  names of the  children who  are found to be Dropout in the  Village / Ward and get them enrolled in the  Schools duly utilizing the  services of the  Volunteers.

 5. Following Roles are prescribed to Welfare & Education Assistants / WEDPSs  and Gram / Ward  Volunteers for effective  enrollment of Dropout Children in the  Schools:


Role of Welfare & Education Assistants / WEDPSs:

 I.  Verify the  Children who  are found to be dropout as per the  data shared to them

II. Visit the  houses of dropout children along with Volunteers and motivate the  Parents and Children

III. Bring the  Children to the  School for enrollment duly coordinating with concerned School Head Master

IV. If any Child is left out  or not  able to get enrolled, specify the  reasons as a last resort

V. Action taken shall be updated in the  Consistent Rhythms APP without fail.

 Role of Gram  / Ward  Volunteers:

 I. Visit the  each and every household of the  Children who  are found to be Dropout along with Welfare & Education Assistant / WEDPS

II. Motivate the  Parents and Children and get them enrolled in the Schools

 6.  The District Collectors shall  ensure  that  all  Children in the   age group 4 to 14 years are in the  school and no  Child is out  of School. The services of District GSWS Officer In-charge and DLDOs may be utilized for effective enrollment of School Dropouts. If any clarification is required may contact 

Sri T. Sudhakar, Superintendent, IT Cell (Mobile No.9866156611, Email: ) who  is the  Single  Point of Contact (SPOC) for coordinating the  above subject


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