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Introduction of facial recognition system to the Heads of Departments

  Attendance by Photography (facial recognition system)

Attendance by Photography (facial recognition system) -- Introduction of facial recognition system to the Heads of Departments


In the G.O.  read above,  Government issued  orders introducing the attendance by   photography   (facial   recognition   based   attendance)   to   the   Secretaries   to Government   of  all   the   Departments   of  Secretariat   and  that   the   Information Technology,  Electronics &  Communications  Department shall take further action to develop necessary application (App-based)  and bring the entire  process operational by 26" September, 2022.

 2.        Now,   the   Government   have   decided   to   introduce   the   attendance   by photography (facial  recognition based attendance)   to  all the Heads of Department, also.    Accordingly the following orders are issued:-

(1) the attendance by photography (facial  recognition system)   is   extended to all the Heads of Department.

 (2) the place of location will  be (i) Head of the Department;  (ii) Chief Minister's

Office;  and (iii) Secretariat.  These places would be fixed and unalterable.

 (3) The absence of the HOD from headquarters owing to availment of leave, tour (both within  and outside the State),  training etc.  will  be monitored by the  Secretary  to  Government  concerned.    The  Middle  Level  Officer  in charge of OP-Section  of the Department will  maintain the leave  register of the  Head of the  Department   concerned    and  also take  action  for  late attendance as well  as deduction of leave.

 (4)  Option  will be provided  to the Secretary to Government concerned to edit the  attendance  in  order  to     implement  the  leave  provisions  for  late attendance,   half  a    day  CL  and  day's   C.L.  of  the   HoD  under   his administrative control.

 (5) The App shall  be put to operation by 25"  October,  2022.  Trial run will  be from 25 – 31st October and shall  be fully implemented   from 1st  November,2022 onwards

 (6) All  the  Office  Procedure  (OP)  Sections  of  different   Departments  would submit a report on every  Friday  to the General  Administration  Department for   review   and   feedback   by  the   Secretary   to   Government   (Political), General  Administration  Department.

 The  General  Administration   Department     shall  send  the  particulars  of  the Heads   of   Department       under   their   administrative    control   to   the   Information Technology,  Electronics  & Communications  Department forthwith.

 The Information Technology,  Electronics  & Communications  Department  shall take further  action to develop  a mobile application  through the APCFSS  for capturing of  facial  based  application  and    bring  entire  process  operational   by  25"  October,2022.

 All  the  Secretaries  to  Government  of the  Departments  of  Secretariat  and  all the Heads of Department shall take further action accordingly

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