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The  attention  of all  the  Ex-Officio District  Project Coordinators  and Additional  Project Coordinators  of Samagra  Shiksha  in the State  are  invited to   the   reference   cited,   and   are   informed   that,   the   Department   of Empowerment  of  Persons  with  Disabilities,  Ministry  of Social Justice  and Empowerment, Government of India,  New Delhi  initiated  UDID  Project for building  a  holistic  end-to-end  integrated  system  for  Issuance  of  Universal ID   &   Disability   Certificates   for   Person   with    Disabilities   with   their identification  and disability details.


Steps for applying UDID Cards:

      Go to  the website

•     Click on the  link to  register with  UDID web portal

•     Click on " Apply online for disability  certificate  and fill  up the  online

;   Use  passport   photo,   income  proof,   identity   proof  and  SC/ST/OBC


•      Data  will be submitted  to  CMO/Medical Authority

•     I                                                                                                         •     Data  will  be  verified.  Appointment  will   be  assigned  by  concerned specialist for assessment

•     Doctor. will  assess the  person/child.  Medical  board  review  the  case

and assign disability  percentage         .

•     CMO  office   prepares   disablllty   certificate   and   generate   unique

4    disability 
ID  and disability  certificate

•     Card is printed  and dispatched  to person

•        Click  on  apply  for  disability  certificate  and  UDID Card  which  was located  at the top of right side corner

 The  UDID  card  shall   bring   a    host  of  benefits   to  the  Persons   with

Disabilities  as given  below:


• Persons
  with  disabilities  will  not  need  to  make  multiple  copies  of documents,  maintain, and carry  multiple documents as the  card will capture  all  the  necessary details  which can be decoded  with  the help of a  reader

• The   UDID   card   will   be'  the   single   document   of   identification, verification  of the disabled  for availing various  benefits  in future

• The  UDID  Card  will  also  help  in  stream-lining  the  tracking  of  the physical    and   financial    progress   of   beneficiary   at   all    levels   of

hierarchy  of  implementation  from  village,  block,  District,  State  and

National  levels.

 Hence,  all  the  District  Ex-officio Project  Coordinators  and  Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are requested to communicate the matter and  issue necessary  instructions to all the Head Masters,  Special  Educators,  IERPs,  and  General  teachers  for  getting  of UDID  cards   to   all   Children   with   Special   needs  that  are   studying   in Government and Government  aided schools in the State

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