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Revision of Pay Scales, 2022 - Procedural Instructions for fixation of pay of employees in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022 - Instructions

 Public Services - Revision of Pay Scales, 2022 - Procedural Instructions for fixation of pay of employees in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022 - Instructions -Issued.

GOMs.No.1, Finance (PC-TA) Department dated: 17-01-2022. 2. G.O.Ms.No.8, Finance (PC-TA) Department dated: 17-01-2022.

 in the Government Order first read above, orders were issued revising the pay scales of the employees with the following instructions on

 pay foxation and implementation of revised pay scales. Banc pay shall be fixed in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022 duly merging the existing basic pay with the DA as on 1-7-2018 (20:292%) along with a fitment benefit of 23%. The existing Basic Pay in RPS 2015 shall be multipled with a factor of 1.51392 to arrive the new pay in RPS 2022. If the pay so arved doesn't exactly match the pay slabs in the new scales, the nearest next higher slab shall be adopted for foxation of new pay in the RPS 2022.

 (4) For the employees drawing stagnation increments in the RPS 2015, the revised pay in the RPS 2022 shall be fixed by merging the bac pay and stagnation increments in RPS 2015 and following the procedure mentioned in Para (1) above. In case, the revsed pay exceeds maximum Pay of RPS 2022, stagnation increments of the RPS 2022 shall be added upto a maximum of 5 stagnation increments to accommodate proper faxation in the new scales.

 i) Orders were also issued for implementation of modified HRA rates and dispensing with City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) www.apteachers in

 (v) The Revised Pay Scales will be implemented notionally from 01-07-2018 with monetary benefit from 01-04-2020

 (v)The salary in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022 will be paid from the month of January, 2022 payable in February, 2022

 2. Further in the Government Order 2nd read above, orders were issued for implementing all the five pending Deamess Allowances from January 2022 salary payable in February 2022 onwards in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022.

 3.43 the above orders are available on the AP Gazette Portal To facilitate the Pay Fixation in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022, the APCFSS has developed a new module for HROMS which is available at 

https:/payroll, herb.apchsin. 

The user manual for the entire activity is available at cfms.ap goin. All the DDOS and Treasury Officers/PAOs are required fumsh the requate details in the formats prescribed in the new software module

 5. For purpose of the faation of pax, the following Instructions are und to the Departments of Secretarut/Heads of Department Head


of Offices/Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasury Officers/PAD, duly utlong the pay faution software developed by the APCFSS (The new software module automatically displays the lot of employees under nach Doo CA drop-down window exhibits the list of eeting Pay Scales and stabs in the RP 2015

 (4)The DOO shall select the correct pay scale & Bauc Pay of the concerned employee, who are drawing the salines in EPS, 2015, reference to his/her life cycle events strictly as per the Service Records for the penod from 01-07-2018 to 31 12 2021 n the exoting RPS  with  2015 Pay scales

After completion of the above data entry, the DOO shall confirm the data entered with his credentials by affong e-signature and submit  to the Treasury Office/PAO (v)The Treasury Officer/PAO shall verty with reference to the Service Record, the Basic Fay data submitted by the DOO from 01-07-2018 to 31-12-2021.

 (v) The Treasury Officer/PAO can edit / modify the data before confirmation as per the Service Record of the Government servant concerned. (v) On confirmation

 of the data by the Treasury Officer/PAO, the pay foabon will be processed by the System (vi) The Pay Focation Sip is autogenerated by the system with details of revsed pay entitled to the employee in the RPS 2022 from 1-7- 2018 to 1-1-2022 corresponding to the pay change details of RPS 2015 confirmed by Treasury Officer/PAO.

 (x) The system generated Pay Fixation slps will be made available in the DDO login and Treasury Officer/PAO login at https://payroll herb.apds.n.

 (x) The Revised Puy as on 1-1-2022 reflected in the system generated Pay Fixation Sip shall be utilised by the DOO for generating the pay bill for the month of January 2022.

 (x) After processing the salary bills for the month of January 2022, the DOOS and Treasury Officer/PAO shall verify the system generated Pay Fation Slips & after satsfying themselves about the correctness affix the same in the Service Regster of the concerned employee duly attested.

 (x) In case any discrepancy is detected in the system generated Pay Faation Sips, the same shall be brought to the name of DTAA by

 Treasury officer/TAO who in turn, after verification, refer it to the Finance (PC-TA) Department along with a detailed hote on the decrepancy and the proposed new pay duy quoting the relevant rules

 (xi) After verification of the details submitted by the DTA/TAO, Finance (PC-TA) Department shat confirm the system generated reved par (or) revise the pay as suggested by the DTA/PAO.

 (w) The process of verification the Par Foution Slps in RPS 20122 & affation in the Service Regsters of employees shall be completed  latest by 31st March 2022 and confirmed by the DDO and the Treasury Officer/40 by affoong ther digital signatures in the Pay Faution module  & With reference to Para 10 in Government Orders 1st cted, the correctness of data put is the responsibility of the D00/ Tury Officer/PAD. Hence, for any in-correct information in the rout of Basic Pux, the DOO/Treasury Officer/PAO shall be solely resonable

 7. The exting orders on special pay and ether allowances shall hold good, til further orders For daming the DA & PRC anears, a spurate module will be developed by ACSS and will be made available along with intructione for operation of the same in due course

 A the Head of Departments are requested to a necessary instructions to the Departmental Officers under the control to follow the above tract schipulously

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