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School  Education  -  Providing  certain  exemptions & concessions  to the Children with   Special   Needs   (CwSN)    in   the   SSC   Public   Examinations   and   other examinations  of  Classes VI  to X,  duly  superseding  the  earlier  orders issued  in the G.O.Ms.No.14,  SE (Prag.II)  Dept.,  Dated:31-01-2019  - Orders  - Issued.


 In the  G.O.1 st  read above,  Government  have provided certain exemptions and concessions  to the children  with  Special Needs (CwSN)  in SSC examinations and  other  examinations  of classes  VI  to  X   to  retain  them  in  schools  and  to encourage them to complete their secondary education  successfully.

2.        In  the  letter  2"  cited,  the   Secretary,  DSE&L,   GoI  has  informed  that National  Education  Policy,  2020  reaffirms the provisions  contained  in the Rights of Person  with  Disability  Act 2016  in  regard  to students  with  disability.  Section

17 of  this  Act  mandates  that the  appropriate  Government  and local  authorities must "make  suitable modifications in the curriculum and examination system to meet the needs of students with disabilities such as extra time for completion of examination  paper,  facility  of scribe  or amanuensis,  exemption  from  second and third  language course." Therefore,  the  Secretary,  has requested  to  review  the existing   provisions   for CwSN  in  A.P.   State   Boards,   revise  them,   accordingly notify  in Government  rules and facilitate  for  implementation  of these  provisions for CwSN as per  Section  17  of the RPwD Act and  NEP  2020,  so that there  are uniform  provisions across all  

Boards with  clear eligibility  criteria.


3.        In  the  reference  4" cited,  the Commissioner  of School  Education,  A.P., has  stated  that,  to  facilitate  every  student  in  the  State  to  complete  his/her secondary   education   with   ease,   reduce   the  drop-out   rates,   provide   equal opportunities and level-playing field to the Children with Special Needs (CwSN), certain provisions  & concessions  are to be provided  to the Children with Special Needs  (CwSN)  in  SSC Public  Examinations  (Class-X)  and  other  examinations from  Class-VI  to  Class-X  in  the  State  of Andhra  Pradesh.  The  Constitution  of India  ensures equality,  freedom,   justice and dignity of all  individuals  including Persons  with  disabilities  and mandates  an inclusive  society  for  all.   Article  41 of the Constitution of India  declares that the  State shall,   within the   limits of  its economic  capacity and development,  make effective provisions  for  securing the right  to work,  to education  and to  public  assistance  in  cases of  unemployment, old age,  sickness  and disablement and in other cases of undeserved want Further,  National  Education  Policy  2020  recognizes  the  importance  of  creating enabling  mechanisms   for  providing   CwSN the  ame  opportunities  for  obtaining quality  education  as any  other  child  and  reaffirms the  provisions   contained  in the   Rights  of  Persons  with   Disability  Act  2016.  The  Director  of  Government Examinations,  AP  has undertaken  the task  of  revising  the present  exemption  & concessions   which   are   being   provided    for   the   CwSN   in   the   SSC  Public Examinations  to implement the objectives  of NEP 2020  in the  right spirit.  After a detailed  study  of  the  provisions   provided   by  CBSE as well  as the  RPwD  Act,

2016  and  other  orders of  the Social  Justice  and  Empowerment  Department  in this   regard.   Accordingly,   the   Commissioner   of  School   Education,   AP   has submitted  necessary  proposal  for  exemptions and  concessions  to the  Children with   Special   Needs   (CwSN)   in   the   SSC   Public   Examinations   and   other examinations  of Classes VI to X.

 4.         Government,  after  careful  examination  of  the  matter,  hereby  order to provide    exemptions    and    concessions    indicated    at   Annexure-I   and    II, appended   to  the  G.O.,  to  the  Children   with   Special   Needs  (CwSN)   in   the State   of  Andhra   Pradesh   from   the  SSC  Public   Examinations,   March-2022 and  other  examinations   of  Classes  VI  to  X   from   the  Academic   Year  2021-22,  duly superseding the earlier orders  issued  in the G.O.    read above.

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