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Supply of Red Gr Dal to Schools under Mid Day Meal Scheme -Instructions


School Education–Jagananna Gorumudda(MDM)Scheme Supply of Red Gr Dal to   Schools under  Mid Day Meal Scheme through  NAFED as Dry Ration the period  from 1st September to 31st January-2021 -Instructions Issued-Re ding.

In continuation of the  orders issued in the  reference 7th  cited, all the  District Educational  Officers  in  the  state are  requested to  issue  the  instructions  to  eld functionaries on the following.


1). To receive the  quantity of Redgram Dal from the  NAFED, New Delhi as per  the details of students mentioned in the IMMS app.


2). To distribute the received quantity to the parents of all students in the concerned school with proper  acknowledgement.


3).  To feed  the  distribution   details  of Redgram Dal  in  IMMS App and  also  in  the manual records for future audit purpose. The app  details entered should be accurate

enough that issues should not come  when payments are being made.


4).  If  quantity  is  not  received  in  specication  mention  in  the  orders,  the  DEOs concerned have  to facilitate for sending the  samples   to accredited   laboratory for testing.


5). The  enrolment of students has been enabled as per  the  child info data  received from the IT wing of the O/o of DSE for facilitating the smooth distribution to children and  keeping records online in a transparent manner and  in the interest of all children in this pandemic situation. However,  It is the  responsibility of the  concerned HM to ensure that the all eligible children who were  on the enrolment in the school records get the ration.


6). Accordingly,   if  any  stocks are  left out  in schools due  to any  reasons like less enrolment in school records etc, the same have  to be reported to MEOs. Like wise, if the enrollment as per school records is more  than   the enrollment provided in app,  it should  be   reported  to  MEOs  for  further  allocation  to  the   schools.  MEOs  and Assistant Director MDM have  to constantly monitor this and  report  to DEOs. This is to ensure that all the eligible children as per enrollment should not be left out and  at the  same time,  there   should  be  no  Mal  practice  and  excess expenditure  to  the exchequer.    If  any  malpractice  or  misuse  is  noticed,  DEOs  have   to  take   strict disciplinary  action  against  the  concerned and  the  deviation  will  be  deemed as a criminal conduct  due to the financial aspects involved.


7). Wide publicity has to be given locally for ensuring that all eligible children get the dal and  for maintaining transparency. The  distribution status and  enrollment details should  be  pasted on notice  boards for facilitating  the   parents/ children  to get  their due and for maintaining transparency.


8). Signatures  of parents / students should  be  obtained  invariably  while  distribution and  proper   records  have   to  be  maintained.  Any  deviation  in  maintaining  proper records  will be deemed as a grave  deviation and financial misconduct


9). DEOs , ADs MDM and,   DyDEOs , MEOs shall make  random  inspections of the schools  and  verify  stocks.  MEOs shall  make  random   inspections  of not  less  than

20%  of  schools  and  enter   their  comments  on  the  registers.  Likewise,  ADS  and DyDEOs shall make  random  inspections not less than  10%  of their jurisdiction and write their comments. RJDs and  DEOs are  requested to  visit schools and  make random  inspections and  take  corrective actions and  also requested to monitor the mandatory inspections of the subordinate officials as mentioned above.




i) The  NAFED has been instructed to provide    Red  Gram  Dal (Indigenous Variety) strictly conforming to  quality specication prescribed as indicated the  parameters/ guidelines to be followed as below.


a) Shall be indigenous variety (cropped/cultivated in India)


b) Split and Husked seeds, half pea  with uniform size and shape.


c) Dal should be bright yellow in colour with inner side slight concave in shape.




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