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Issuance of Transfer Certifcate to the students Instructions


విధ్యార్దులను admit చేసుకొనే సమయంలో లేదా విధ్యార్దులు బడి వదిలి వెళ్ళే సమయంలో ఉపాధ్యాయులు  TC /   record sheet తీసుకునే విషయంలో లేదా ఇష్యూ  చేసే విషయం లో మార్గదర్శకాలు.

 School Education COVID  19 Pandemic Certain  instructions issued with regard to issuance of Transfer Certifcate to the students  Regarding.

In continuation of the instructions issued  in ref 2nd  &  3rd cited, all the Regional  Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational  Ofcers  in the State are informed that, so far as submission  of Transfer Certifcate to  the students,  whenever the parent/child submits  application  for admission  in any school, said school shall admit the child immediately without insisting  on the Transfer Certifcate (TC) at the time of admission.


2.      However, keeping  in view of the COVID-19, a time limit of (30) days is permitted to  obtain  the record sheet/TC from the school where from he/she  is seeking transfer to the new school.


3.      Further, the  concerned  school  management,  from where  the  child  is seeking to transfer to a new school, has to furnish the Transfer Certifcate (TC) to the child immediately  (30 days  permitted due to  Covid-19)  and if any delay occurred on the part of the headmaster  towards issuance of transfer certifcate, he/she shall be subject to disciplinary  action as per the section 5(3) of RTE, Act


4.      However in case of children belonging to migrant families, either migrating into the state or migrating out of the state,  no TC/record sheet shall  be insisted for giving  admission in any educational institution from Class  I to Class  X in the state.


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