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సాంకేతికత అందుబాటుపై సర్వే - proforma - Google Form

 సాంకేతికత అందుబాటుపై సర్వే


 Survey on availability of technology to

Students in Government schools.

This form is need to be filled by teachers or headmasters, to understand the status of technology availability to students to take necessary action to go further on students education - Please fill the details of the students by selecting class. for each time 10 records can be submitted.


Section A  General Information

 It is the information of school, teacher/ H.M information.


1.   School UDISE Code *

2.   The form is filled by * HM/Teacher/ CRP

3.   Name of the member filling the form *:

4.    Mobile number of member *

5.    District *

6.   MANDAL *

7.   Select the class : 1 to 10


Section B - Student details

Student-1 As per the chosen class by you

 1.Name of the student *

 2.Students status on mobile phone facility *

 a)  Student has separate mobile with network data at least 2 hours per day

b) Student uses parent mobile with network data for his purpose  2 hours per day

c)  Student uses parent mobile but it has no network data

d) Student uses relatives / Neighbour mobile with network data for his purpose  2 hours per day

e) Student has no mobile access

f)  Student parent has basic model of mobile only for making calls

 3.Students status on TV *

 a)  Student has TV in his/her home, used for education purpose

b) Student has TV in his/her home but not used for education purpose

c)  Student has No TV in his/her home

 4. IF T.V available the service provider *:

CITIClable/Sundirect/Reliance/TATA Sky/d2h/ACT TV/other Network/Not applicable


5.Student status on Radio *

 a)  Radio available to student

b) F.M Radio is available

c)  Grampanchayat Radio available

d) Community  Radio available

e) No Radio facility available

 6.Status on computer facility *

 a)  Desktop available

b) Desktop with net facility available

c)  No desktop available

 7.Status on Laptop /Tab facility *

 a)  Laptop available

b) Laptop with net facility available

c)  No Laptop available

 8.Do you want to add one more students details




If Click Yes the same teacher can add 10 Students of same class and same teacher   above details

 If Click No you will get final submit button

Download Proforma Google Form


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