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G.O Rt 216HMFW Dt 24.3.2020 AP లో అన్ని విద్యా సంస్థలు,కార్యాలయములు ఏప్రియల్ 14 వరకు మూసివేత

HM &  FW Department – Containment, Control and Prevention of spread of COVID-19   –  “Lockdown” till 14th April,  2020 in the State of  Andhra Pradesh under Disaster Management Act,  2005  –Orders- Issued.

AP  లో అన్ని విద్యా సంస్థలు,కార్యాలయములు(police,Emergency services,Dist Administration&Treasury,Electricity,Water ,Sanitation,Municipal sanitation&water supply మినహా)ఏప్రియల్ 14 వరకు మూసివేత .G.O216 జారీ

👆AP Lock down Till APR 14th,- G.O Rt 216HMFW Dt 24.3.2020 in accordance with Govt of India Guidelines
>As per Guideline No 8 of  Annexure To above  G.O Rt no 216 All Educational ,Training,Research,Coaching institutions etc Shall remain closed
>>As per Guideline No 2 ,Offices of State Govt Shall remain closed 
    In  the reference 7th    read above,  the  National  Disaster  Management Authority (NDMA) has issued  orders directing  the  Ministries/ Departments of Government  of India and  the State/Union Territory  Governments and State/Union Territory  Authorities to  take  effective  measures  to  prevent the spread  of  COVID-19 in  the country.

2. In compliance  of   the  Orders 7th  read  above,  in   the  reference 8th  read above,  under Section  10(2)(1)  of   the  Disaster Management  Act,  the Ministry  of   Home  Affairs,  Government  of   India,  New  Delhi  have   issued  Orders directing  the Ministries/  Departments  of Government  of  India and the State/Union  Territory  Governments  and  State/Union  Territory Authorities  to  take  effective measures   to  prevent  the spread  of   COVID-19 in the  Country  and   the  Order  shall remain  in  force,   in  all  parts of  the Country,  for a  period  of   21 days   w.e.f.  25.03.2020.

3. Therefore,  all the  District  Collectors, Joint Collectors, Police Commissioners, SPs, DM&HOs, Municipal Commissioners,  Sub Collectors, RDOs,  MROs  and  MPDOs  are hereby  instructed  to  strictly  implement  the guidelines  as  per  Annexure  to  the  Order  mentioned vide  reference  8th  read above.   This Order  shall remain in  force  in all parts of  the  State  for  a period of  21 days  with  effect  from  25.03.2020.   For implementing  the containment measures,  the District  Magistrate  will  deploy  Executive Magistrates  as Incident  Commanders as specified  in  the  above  guidelines.

4.   The  Order  mentioned vide  reference  8th  read above shall be implemented   along with  various  orders  issued    earlier  by the  State Government  for  “Lockdown”  in  the State for containing  the spread  of         COVID-19.

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