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Rc.No.Spl/SCERT-Read India Celebrations-Essay Writing Competition on December 22nd

Topic for essay writing - "Happiness, Success & Leadership"

Criteria for evaluation:

Read India is a Readership & Leadership challenge for school students. Students can read any book of their choice on the topic "Happiness, Success & Leadership" and write their personal understanding / views in 1 A4 / Regular Answer sheet size page (only on 1 side) on the topic "Happiness, Success & Leadership" in 30 mins. Students can write in any of the 3 languages i.e. Telugu, Hindi, English. Students can read the nominated book "The Everlasting Leader" which can be downloaded for free from , for free (click on the Download Free eBook link at the top right hand corner) or Download free mobile app from Google Play store with name "The Everlasting Leader" or any book of their choice or write their personal understanding / views / expressions on the topic " Happiness, Success & Leadership". 

Overall 100 marks for evaluation with the following breakup
-           Happiness (20 marks)
-           Success (20 marks)
-           Connection between Happiness & Success (20 marks)
-           Connection between Success & Leadership (20 marks)
-           Leadership (20 marks)

*Priority will be given to those students who express their personal understanding & views on “Happiness, Success & Leadership”using their own personal experiences / examples. Books should be used as a tool / guide to express their views. This is not a book review competition. Just make it clear to students so that there is clarity before they take the written. Some students wrote a reviews on the books which is not the objective of this event. The objective of Read India Celebration is to bring about clarity in their hearts & minds about what they want in life & why? Unless we know what we are looking for, we cannot find it in life be it happiness, success or leadership.

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3 comments to ''Rc.No.Spl/SCERT-Read India Celebrations-Essay Writing Competition on December 22nd"

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